How to plan and build a home library

While we as parents always wish to inculcate reading habits in our kids, building a home library or a little room for reading is a great step towards making the kids understand the importance of books. Having a little reading space at home encourages the child towards books. While it may not necessary be a big or a fancy space, it is important to design the space carefully and smartly. Here are a few steps that helped me design a library for my daughter at home.

Select the books age wise

Creating an interesting reading space for the entire family requires you to pick the right books that interest them all. Pick the books age and interest wise. For toddlers you may pick books with more and colorful images and less text. Very young children are attracted by brightly colored pictures of simple objects. They are listeners, and respond well to books with simple texts and good rhythms. While for elders, consider their personality traits and personal preferences when choosing a book. Make a selection with each member of the family in mind; choose an informational book or a novel in an area of specific interest.

Bring books of different genres

Books help develop one’s imagination, visual skills, communication as well as critical thinking skills. But, reading or viewing the same content can saturate the brain development and restrict/limit their skills. Therefore, it is encouraged that children take up reading of any form as a source of extracting knowledge and fun. One of the effective ways to help develop the mind of kids is by introducing them to different genre of books and types of texts available. Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Picture Books, Informational Books, Mystery, Short Plays, Fairy Tales and Poetry are a few genres that can be stocked initially.

Make the reading space interesting

Proper storage is the holy grail of the home library.  It is not necessary to have a fancy reading space but a neat and well arranged space attracts the kids to come and read. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units or built-ins, the choice is up to you and the space you have. Some simple shelves can also solve your purpose though. Add little decor stuff related to books or reading to brake the monotony of the space. You may also add some indoor plants to add some freshness to the area.

Cosy sitting area

After deciding the space, seating is the next most important part of a home library. There are very no hard and fast rules here, but whether your space will accommodate a single chair or you have square footage for a whole grouping, it should be comfortable. Once you have your furniture in place, designing a proper layout is the next step. Of all the seating arrangements in your home, this one in particular should feel welcoming. Remember, if there are more than one seating elements in the area, try to set them facing each other to add a little comfort to the room.

While most of us dream of having a little, cozy reading space at our homes; there is absolutely no reason why you can’t fulfill it. These are a few tips that will help to build your own house library and the rest depends on your creativity.

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20 comments on “How to plan and build a home library

  1. It takes a lot of effort to set up a home library. These are great tips to set up the library.


  2. What a organized way to plan and indulge in book reading. Very detailed and useful tips to try on


  3. Your tips about having a home library are so good. I can’t wait to build one soon.


  4. These are indeed nice tips. I have had a home-library since I was a child, so it comes easy to me!


  5. A post for all the book lovers so well explained Ty for sharing nice post.


  6. I have always wanted to build a home library but living in a city like Mumbai with all its space constraints, it has been challenging. I loved the tips you shared and I would love to revisit my dream to build one 🙂


  7. this is so informative, would love to try your tips to setup my home library


  8. That’s a wonderful post.

    I want to have like this too.


  9. Loved your tips and now it’s time to build my own library. Bookmarking this for my reference when i build my library… Thanks


  10. Wow! That’s some way of inculcating a healthy reading habit.


  11. Oh I loved your tips! I love collecting books and I would love to create a space in my home for a home library! Great tips!


  12. Great tips Parul. Reblogged this on Englishtutorialedu.com.


  13. pythoroshan

    Some very good ideas here… I am planning on starting one myself so saving this article for tips later on


  14. Hi Parul, that’s a lovely post on building a home library. I liked the way you captured all the essential elements of a home library. Through your post, you have made setting up a home library, appear so simple and easy 🙂


  15. Indeed some useful pointers there, I have had a home library since I was a child and it has grown and how.


  16. we recently shifted to a new place and I was planning to make a common library for the family. These tips would be very useful


  17. I feel one should have a library in the house. Reading books enhances your personality and confidence.


  18. That’s a lovely library you have there


  19. Good tips on setting up a home library. Great post! Phillip


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