Dinner Table Arrangements

We all love our dinner parties and the kind of efforts and preparations that goes into arranging the one can only be understood by a host. While we do take a lot of care on arranging our place for the party, we tend to skip a few basics while arranging our dinner table.

The basic rule is to provide the guest with all the utensils he/she might need while having dinner. You do not want your guest to hunt for cutlery or a bread plate.

A Few Essentials While Arranging a Table

Butter Knife
Bread Plate
Salad Folk
Dinner Folk
Salad Plate
Dinner Plate
Dessert Spoon
Dessert Folk
Dinner Knife
Salad Knife
Dinner Spoon
Soup Spoon
Soup Bowl
Water Goblet
Red-Wine Glass (If you are planning to serve wine during the dinner)
White Wine Glass (If you are planning to serve wine during the dinner)

How to Arrange the Dinner Table

Informal Dinner

Before we move on to the table setting, it is important to understand that an informal dinner table setting has a minimal tableware and is used for up to a three-course meal. This is an apt setting when you are expecting too many guests over for you put all the flatware on the table at the same time and it makes the drill a bit easy.

Formal Dinner

A formal dinner table setting comprises of a lot of tableware as it is used for a meal of six-course. It is also important to understand that since a formal table setting involves a lot of flatware, all isn’t placed at the same time. Some pieces are cleared after the use and the others are then placed. You need to understand the kind of event you are hosting and the number of guests involved before you plan your table setting. If you do not have a house help or you are expecting too many guests, do not opt for this kind of setting for it will become too tedious to accomplish.


  1. Dinner table arrangements plays a big role when hosting dinner parties. We often underestimate the arrangement part and pay more attention to food. But just like food, if the table looks pleasing to the eyes, it adds up to the feel.


  2. That is a very informative post.
    We need this info often when having formal dinners.
    I had always enjoyed eating 7-course as well as 5-course meals.
    They have a different feel to it and the use of cutlery is something to learn too.


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