Love-Side Romeo:- Cocktail

Who doesn’t like a fresh cocktail? A few may like it on the sweet base and a few quite citrus, I like it to be a combination, for it tickles the right taste buds for me. Love-Side Romeo is a simple and one of my most favorite cocktail experiment for it turned out so amazing. Trying my hands on the available stuff at home during quarantine, the cocktail took it’s shape. So try it out and let me know how did you like it. Let’s get drinking…


  • Citrus Vodka:- 45 ml
  • Pomegranate Juice:- 30 ml
  • Orange Juice:- 15 ml
  • Lemon Juice:- 15 ml
  • Fresh Ginger:- 1/3 inch piece
  • Ginger Ale:- 1 can
  • Lemon & Ginger Ring & Mint Leaf:- For garnish


  • Take ginger in a muddling glass and muddle it gentle to extract it’s juice.
  • To the glass add citrus vodka, pomegranate juice, orange juice and lime juice. All the juices taken here are fresh but you may also used the canned ones.
  • Add ice and giggle it well to cook the juices. Strain the juices it in the glass you wish to serve. Take a jumbo cocktail grass. If you wish to serve in a regular one, reduce the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.
  • Top up the glass with cold ginger ale and garnish it with lemon and ginger ring. Put a mint leaf to add a little colour to the garnish.
  • Serve cold and immediately

Disclaimer:- Drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.


  1. I am always look out for party drinks. I might try this but minus vodka. Will substitute it with club soda.


  2. I’m a teetotaller so had zero idea this post was about a drink. 🙈

    That said, it does look appealing.

    Best wishes for the rest of the A2Z. 🙂


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