Atmanirbhar Youth of Bharat

Marriage, kids and other responsibilities in life often blur away your dreams. And more so when your dream is to shine on digital media. I was no different. I had a major transformation in my life where my career jumped from a ramp to the accounts department and post the birth of my daughter, it shifted to becoming a homemaker. In this new life, social media gave me a much needed diversion from an otherwise mundane life.

Among a few other platforms that I was active on,  TikTok, was a rather interesting one. TikTok has been one of the fastest growing digital platforms for people to express themselves. It allows people to share a frame with their favorite celebrities and also fulfill artistic and creative fantasies, digitally. Aside from helping us get noticed, this platform has given us a digital family.  It is also a source of livelihood for many young people, who no longer have to leave their homes and come to big cities in search of jobs. It’s about expressing through a medium which allows you to be in a comfortable environment, yet pushes you to be more innovative, which is very much an act of self-reliance (Atmanirbarta).

The need for being self-reliant (atmanirbhar) is rising and TikTok being an entertainment platform allows any individual to perform solely. The idea behind this is to urge more people to come out of their shells and offer something that makes them feel content and worthy. A creative mind can turn this opportunity into his/her favor. That’s why this opportunity has been grasped by millions of people to promote or even endorse their brands through a medium of creative expression, and it has, indeed, made them Atmanirbhar

Although it can make you an internet sensation, one ought to utilise it purely for productivity and refrain from posting negative content.

The digital world is growing by leaps and bounds, and it plays a major role in keeping people engaged, entertained and even salaried. The idea of being Atmanirbhar through TikTok is not being interviewed and approved by many, but rather feeling accomplished by being your own boss. It provides you with space and freedom to create something with your own caliber and take much deserving credit for. TikTok has been able to make its mark in India  because of the availability of numerous artists that weren’t given a deserving platform to showcase talent. They were able to make it rather big on TikTok because of the acknowledgement received by their genuine followers. TikTok as a brand, too, has taken great initiatives to help build a clean society by introducing campaigns like #MatKarForward to stop fake news from spreading. While you have contributed a lot to this platform, this platform is also returning the favor in its best possible manner.

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