Varying Company Logos & their Mysteries

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Mc Donald”? For all those who says BURGER, I’m feel you guys but for me it’s the Big-Yellow “M” (logo) that reminds me every bit of the brand. Isn’t it so beautiful to see the logos of some brands make such an impact on the minds of people that it earns an identity of its own. But do your really know what goes into designing the logo for a brand? A logo that not just represents the company or the brand but also has a meaning and life of its own. Here are some famous brand logos with hidden meanings, that not everyone was aware of. Here is the story of a few brand logos and the mystery behind them.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

What originated in the year 1914 as the logo of Paramount pictures, designed by an artist named William Hodkinson, had a mountain surrounded by 24 starts. While the mountain is said to be inspired by the Ben Lomond Mountains, where Hodkinston grew up, the 24 stars represented the number of artists who had signed a contract with the studio. While this sounds so generous on the part of the studio to include the artists in their logo, it was surprising to see the modern version of the logo having only 22 stars. Till date, the missing 2 stars and the reason behind it remains a mystery. 


Why a Siren, Starbucks? - Behind the Starbucks Logo Design - Logoworks Blog

The world known that Starbucks hails from Seattle, the city of seaport origin. So, when it was the time for Starbucks to design a logo, they decided on being close to their roots and hence the picture of a siren with two tails was picked. While the company wanted to represent the brand as of high quality and class, the siren, being a part of the culture at that point in time, was picked. The logo of the company underwent many changes during the years. While the change in colour represented the expansion of company’s product line, the image of the siren was closely cropped to making it so that someone could barely tell that siren is naked. Now why did the company decide on changing its logo is a mystery.


Myntra Logo| 'Utha le re baba': 'Offensive' Myntra logo undergoes a change,  divided netizens spark meme fest | Trending & Viral News

The change in the logo of the E-commerce website Myntra is the latest example to the need of companies to change their logos. While most of the companies change their logos as a part of their plan, the situation for Myntra as totally different. It was after a Mumbai-based activist named Naaz Patel filled a complaint with Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Department that the matter got public. In her complain, the activist blamed the logo to be ‘offensive’ to women and hence the company changed its logo within a month’s time. While the reason for the change in logo is quite clear, the intention of the activist is often questioned by many. Some take it as a publicity stunt and some as a genuine move. whatever the truth maybe, the change has comet to be beautiful.

This blog has been written as a part of the #Blogchatteratoz challenge. 

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