Four years of blogging and here I am redesigning this page that’s all about me and this little space on the internet. These four years of my life has brought a huge change in me as a person, a women, a wife and a even a mother. While I wrote n number of blog posts here and on various platforms, this page here was sort of ignored for long. So here I am, introducing myself to those who are new to my blog family and having a fun chat with all those who have been a part of my journey since day 1.

Namaste! I am Parul Malhotra. I am a freelance blogger born and brought up in India. Indian values and cultures are in my blood but religion game is beyond my understanding and tolerance. I have been married for 7 years and am blessed with a daughter (who is an integral part of my blog and thoughts).

My Blogging Journey

It was during my postpartum phase that I got introduced to the world of blogging. What started off as a way to express out my feelings, became a source of my happiness. Writing made me explore the world with a different lens all together. It not only gave me the liberty to explore but also the freedom to express. This blog is one of my favorite “places to be” in this world. What you’ll find here is what I truly believe into. You will find me talking about my home, my wardrobe, my favorite pair of earrings and maybe my favorite lip shade as well. This space is a mirror which gives a true reflection of who I am.

A hard-core non-vegetarian, I was born that way. A easy going person, I’ve learnt it to be. My life revolves around 2 mantra that I follow blindly (there might be more, i’ll update that as I realize).
Just Let It Be“. For those who know me would know how seriously I follow it. Life for me is too short to crib and cry, so why not let all the negativity be aside and live life with what you like. (Even this is what I’ve learnt with time).
Solve Today, Cry Tomorrow“. OK, so I can say that I was born with this. I always, by default, try to solve the situation first and cry about it later. That’s So ME.

Well, like is said, if I believe in Just Let It Be, I expect the same on this platform. Hate comments have no space here. If you don’t like something here, the internet is your oyster as said by William Shakespeare. Indulge yourself in what you like.

Before I sign off, this platform is all what’s trending in your and my life. Hope to see you all here often. Cheers…!