Oh! But why did he do that?

The business had just started flourishing and Atul kind-off touched the break-even when the PM declared a complete lock-down. With all the savings being invested, he had nothing to offer to his employees who were waiting for their salaries. On the other hand, were his ailing parents in Moradabad, waiting for him to send some money for their medicines and basic needs. He always wanted his pictures to be featured in the newspaper, which happened the next morning with the headlines “Businessman found death easier than life”. And the world kept wondering “Why did he do it?”

Let The World Speak

Not so appealing physique of Sharad was always the base of taunts thrown at him. Thyroid made him loose 18 kgs and who otherwise was an eligible bachelor now depressed & single. The only girl in his life was his colleague Aarti who secretly loved him despite all of that. A simple proposal message from…

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Billionaire’s Wife.

Several luxury cars were parked along the driveway yet she had no one to go on a drive with. The 5 storey mansion had all the facilities of the world yet not even a single meal was eaten together. Not even a single night, in the last 2 years, was spent together as a couple.…

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