Review:- FirstCry IntelliKit- Go Green

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It was a few days back that I bought the First Cry IntelliKit for my daughter. Before the commencement of her new session she had a vacation of about a month and it was the right time for me to invest in an activity that is both informative and interesting for my child. And that is when I opted for the First Cry IntelliKit.  I went for the Let’s Go Green series, which is apt for the kids in the age group 3 to 4. So here is a detailed review of how the kit is.

Contents of the kit:- 

1. My learning calendar: – This is a month long activity packed calendar in the in Intellikit to keep the track of what the child is learning. It also has a pack of star shaped tiny stickers for your kid to put on the activity calendar once he or she is done with the particular activity. 

2. My happy tracker: – This is a super tracker sheet that would help you to make a notepad the skills your child has acquired as he or she complete the activities in the box. 

3. 8 amazing activity packets

4. 1 story book

5. 10 worksheets

Now let’s quickly start exploring the 8 activity packet and see on what areas does it focus at.

Learning activity 1

This activity requires you to help your child to pot a plant. In this packet you get a pot, some seeds, a Coco peat and an instruction manual. Following the instructions in the information card you will help your child grow his or her own plant in this pot. 

What it focus on:- 

1. This activity is quite apt for the body development of the child. This will focus on the sensory and gross motor skills of the child as he/she will be able to coordinate various actions by planting the seeds.

2. Your child will also develop the logic behind the various things like exploring the concept of growing plants and also develop the awareness about the parts of the plant and the need of the plants to grow. 

3. Another thing that I really like about this activity is that this activity ensures that the kid becomes self-confident and independent. The responsibility of watering the plants every day and taking care of it makes the child more responsible towards his/her work. 

4. Builds vocabulary

Learning activity 2

For this activity you get a picture sheet, a few reference cards, some craft eyes and a few leaf cut outs in the packet. This activity helps the child to identify the different patterns of the leave and match them to the dotted lines on the picture sheet. The same leave cutout can then also be used on the reference card to make patterns of birds & vegetables on the sheet. 

What it focus on:- 

1. This activity develops the logical thinking ability in the child while he/she creates the pictures using different patterns. It also ensures to build their focus. 

2. Sensory development is also a focus of this activity while the child is able to visually discriminate the various patterns.

3. It also gives a room for the child to explore the world in a different way while he/she can try and make different patterns of different animals or birds or anything by the help of those leaves. It also insures that the child explores the world out of the box and develop his thinking skills. 

Learning activity 3:-

This is an activity which I guess kids of all age would love to do. In this package you get a paper bag some dry leaves some paint and a paper plate. All you have to do here is to pour some paint in the paper plate and then dipped the dry leaves in to that paint and make the leafy pattern on the paper bag given. While the activity looks so simple, yet it has so much more to give to your child.

What does it focus on:- 

1. This activity not just focuses on the senses by refining the sense of vision& touch through various activities but also focuses on the fine motor skills of the child where he is able to dip the live in the pain and stand them on the paper. Now this may not be a big deal for you but for the child it certainly is. Fine motor development of the child helps him later to get a fine grip on his/her pencil, pens, brushes or the crayons properly and hence developed a good skill of writing or drawing. 

2. Now this activity will not just focus on the developing the interest of the child towards nature but also towards art & craft where he/she would enjoy the artistic expression through stamping technique. 

Learning activity 4

This activity, is designed to explore the love of science in your child. With this activity you can explain your child the five elements of nature that is earth, water, fire, air and space by showing them the picture cards related to them. Then using the magnetic toys that is given in the packet the child can trace the lines on each picture card which will make the activity more interesting and fun loving for him. 

What it focus on:- 

1. Most important benefit of this activity, which I feel, is the ability of the child to understand the direction and spacing. Moving the magnetic toys on the dotted lines would not just help him/her to understand the directions but also focus on the fine motor skills which will later help him in practice in the writing stocks while tracing the dotted lines. 

2. This activity also opens up an all new world for the child where he gets to understand the a few facts about nature. For example; the flow of the water, the earth rotations, the magnetic effect and the air pressure. 

Learning activity 5:- 

This activity is aptly named as Nature Treasure Hunt as if it’s your child to a nature trail. It contains a checklist which has a few pictures printed on it and along with that we have a few picture card that has the same image as on the sheet. The child is then supposed to match the picture cards with the pictures printed on the sheet and then the parents can hide those picture cards in the room and asked the child to find them and tally with the checklist. 

What it focus on:- 

1. The first focus of this activity is to words building the vocabulary of the child this activity not just help the child to identify and name the pictures but also helps him to memories them and learn different words. 

2. Another focus of this Activity is towards the development of the mathematical skills in the child. The child is able to match the picture cards and then tally with the checklist when hunting for those cars in the room will help the child in working on his counting skills and also his memory. 

Learning activity 6

This activity, honestly speaking, has been my favorite amongst the lot. This activity basically is a replica of a board game but this is played with all the recyclable stuff. The child here is encouraged to use the cock as pawns and has to use the shells as dice. While the rules of the game and the method of playing is very simple but the learning of this activity is immense. 

What it focus on:-

1. My daughter with this activity learn the art of recycling. She also understood that segregating wet waste and dry waste can help her save the environment while she gets to explore them in a different manner. 

2. Because it’s a board activity and is meant to be played with two participants, this helps the child to understand the art of interacting with others and also the concept of taking turns. 

3. It also develops the skill of understanding directions & spacing. Counting the shells and moving the pawns forward on the board also brushes their mathematical skills. 

Learning activity 7

In this activity the child is required to make a bird feeder with the help of their parents. The material given in the packet is a house template, roof cut out, paint, bird cutout, rope, a stick and glue. The child is required use all the material to make a colorful bird feeder. 

What it focus on:- 

1. This activity is an absolute delight for the kids who are art lovers, as they will enjoy painting using various tools. 

2. Assembling the various parts to make the birdfeeder will help the kids enjoy the gross motor, visual and sensory experience with various colors and crafts. 

3. This activity will also make the kids nature as much as they will develop awareness about the need of birds and will also learn the art of giving as they feed the birds’ every day. 

Learning activity8:-

This activity is not just pleasing to the eyes but also to the taste buds of the kids. This packet 8 contains a chef’s cap, a fish-shaped plate & a wooden knife for your kids to explore the kitchen this time. This activity requires the kid to explore the kitchen with different fruits, some salt and some chaat masala. Help the kids in washing their hands and then catching the different fruits and arranging them in this fish shaped plate to serve it to all. 


This last activity in the lot helps the child in being self-smart, body smart, word smart, picture smart and people smart. 

1. This activity makes the kid responsible by understanding the need of washing hands before touching anything edible. Also the cleanup after doing this activity (by the kid) encourages him to maintain a healthy working space. Development of the fine motor skills and senses is immense in this activity. 

2. Another thing that is noticeable here is that the child understands the art of creating a pattern when is able to create a simple pattern with the fruit following the design on the fish shaped plate. 

3. Again the art of understanding spaces and directions is made the kid understood here when he is asked to follow the directions and also understand the pattern that has to be followed. 

Last but certainly not the least in this kit is an age appropriate book that is enjoyed by the kids immensely. The book that I received in this kid was “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Honestly speaking, for my three year old, the book (I feel) is has a little difficult words for her to understand right now. But in another few months she will definitely be able to understand a lot more and this book will help her to add more words to her vocabulary.


This IntelliKit is an absolute must buy if you are looking for something interesting for your kids. With the summer vacations approaching in another few months, I feel that this activity kit is your solution to keep your kids busy this summer. So it’s a must buy for me.