5 Reasons Why a Microfiber duster is Better than your Usual Duster

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Who doesn’t like a clean and dust free home or office? And like most jobs, cleaning is quicker and easier when you use the right tools. While we always hunt for the right chemicals that can be used for cleaning the surface, it is also important to pick the right duster. It was a few years back that i happened to discover the amazing aspects of a microfiber duster.
Microfiber, a polyester and poly-amide split fiber, picks up more dust and dirt than other tools. The individual strand is so small that it sometimes cannot be seen by the human eye, yet it works like a magnet! It’s power to grab and hold the dust particles is way more than the normal cotton duster that we use which makes it a superior tool for cleaning.


  • Power to Grab Microbes:-
    Microfiber cloth is made of super-fine microfibers that has proven capability of capturing dust and bacteria better than any-other cloth. The fibers of the cloth has an asterisk-like structure which enables it to hold six times of it’s own weight in water. And not just that, a microfiber duster has the capability of holding on to any kind of dirt, grease, dust and bacteria. This trait of the duster makes it an apt option for the cleaning purpose.
  • Reduce Chemical use:-
    Using microfiber cloths for cleaning can dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning products you use, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Further in the duster vs. microfiber race, regular feather duster do not grab the particles the way a microfiber duster does and hence need chemicals to assist the task. Also a microfiber duster not just holds-on the the dust particles but also prevent them from transferring to the other surface, when you are dusting the entire room in one go.
  • Easy to clean:-
    While microfiber dusters are pro at grabbing and holding on the dirt, dust and bacteria, they are equally easy to clean. Dip the used microfiber duster in a mug fill of water, some detergent and a few drops of disinfectant and rinse it off after 15 minutes. The duster would be as good as new to use with no germs or bacteria left. It is important to know that drying the duster under the sunlight (up side down and only for 15 minutes) is important to assure all the germs are killed and the duster gets rid off any bad odor that might be left.
  • Long Lasting:-
    Microfiber dusters have an amazing life as compared to the usual dusters that we use. These dusters are way more durable with a life of 250 to 500 washes, depending upon the GSM of the fabric. even after these number of washes, the duster retains it’s shape and softness which helps in efficient cleaning.
  • They’re Versatile
    Like the ordinary dusters, microfiber dusters aren’t specific to the surface. They can be used on various surfaces and there are tons of ways to use this magical cloth duster for cleaning. They can be used to clean stainless steel products, marble and granite counters, chrome fixtures windows and mirrors and even your car body and interior. This not just saves your time and money but also keeps you away from the hassle of keeping separate type of dusters for various surfaces.

While you yourself clean the house or your house-help, this tool will simply transform the old school ways of cleaning by setting highest standards and benchmark. So the next time you go for your monthly grocery shopping, don’t forget to grab this for your home.
Also there are refills of mops like, Kent Mop and Dust Control Set that are available in the microfiber variant in the market. So happy cleaning!