Lover’s wedding

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The lawn of The Lalit Golf and Spa Resort, Goa was decked up in orange theme décor. The swimming pool was shining with the reflection of the lights while floating in it were some beautiful and handpicked lotus flowers. Tons of flower petals were stocked to shower on the VVIP invitees of Mr. Gupta and 30 Mercedes were racing between the airport and the venue to pick the guests. A guest list of 1800 people, caterers from across the world, celebrity event manager and a destination wedding charged the Gupta family a whooping amount yet the happiness was all worth it. An addition to the family was expected to bring a lot of prosperity and happiness. The 2 business rivals were turning into relatives as their kids were getting hitched, opening up a lot of doors in the business field. Any bit of an inside story was been craved by the paparazzi outside the hotel gate. While the world had their eyes glued at the celebration, there was someone at the venue who was not struck by the happiness bug. Looking at her henna clad hands, Kavita couldn’t restrain her tears to her eyes. Attending the wedding of the love of her life with someone else was not something she ever thought of. While the pre-wedding functions were skipped by her, wedding could not have been skipped.

The lights went dim and a spot light was thrown at Siddharth and Kriti as they walked down the aisle, hand in hand, to the main stage. Both bride and groom were decked up in designer clothes and customized jewelry for the D-day. Kavita kept walking parallel to them, at a distance till they reached the main stage to proceed to the ritual of pheras and seek the blessings of elders. Standing right next to the stage, she recalled the promises they had made to each other and plans they had to get marriage, in a private ceremony, at a famous church in London.  But things aren’t as easy and smooth as you imagine them to be. Their respective families would never have accepted them and Kavita, somewhat, knew this well before getting into the relationship. “But love knows no rules and restrictions. It just happens”, she kept saying that whenever the topic of disclosing the relationship to of the family popped up.

Breaking the thought bubble of the beautiful memories from the past, Kavita heard the Pandit Ji asking Siddharth to put sindoor on Kriti’s forehead. Taking a pinch of sindoor, Siddharth came near Kriti and put of hint of it on her forehead & the Pandit Ji pronounced them husband and wife. A tear rolled down Kriti’s eye as she looked at Kavita standing next to the stage. “Good bye Kavita” & “Good bye Kriti”, their eyes said to each other. Loving someone of the same gender was still not accepted by most of the Indian families and all they hoped at the moment was to be with each other in the next life they get.