Get ready Bride – with Awestruck makeup for the wonderful day

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A wedding is a very special day in your life where you do not want anything to go wrong. You make sure everything is perfect and that includes your look too. You want it to be perfect for it is the most awaited day for the dreams, hopes and fantasies are very soon will be turning in to reality.
You sure may face few problems with the décor or venues, but that is manageable. But when it comes to your looks, you do not want to compromise. And why should you? It’s your special day, so there should be no place for compromise.
Following are the few bridal makeup tips acquired from the top marriage halls in Chennai to look breath-taking and beautiful. So let’s take a look.

Clean Your Face

This is the most basic part of every makeup process. Before you start with the makeup, make sure you clean your face completely. It is a must especially for those who use bright colors. Wash your face and pat it dry completely to get the long-lasting look. It will also remove the oil or dirt present in the skin and make it look glowy.

Tips for Preparing Base

To get a smooth and even-toned appearance, moisturize your face. Use your fingertips to moisturize your face and rub it in a circular motion. A tinted moisturizer can also be used but one must make sure they moisturize it gently.

Face Fix-Up

A primer must be used two minutes after moisturizing and then blend it in the face nicely. It is used to keep the foundation and concealer in place and also keeps the makeup unscathed for a long time. The best-recommended primers are from MAC and Sephora.
Concealers are very important to cover the spots and marks. It helps to make the face look even-toned. Colored concealers like green or yellow can be used to cover the skin’s red blemishes.
A foundation must be used without using SPF and then blend it well with the help of a sponge or makeup brush. When applying a foundation, ensure you always start from the center and gradually make your way to other areas of the face. A matte finish foundation is known to be the best one. An SPF foundation will give your face a flashy effect in photographs, so it is mostly not recommended. 
To achieve the glowy look, a highlighter must be used on the face’s planes like that on the nose bridge, cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and the forehead center.

Tips for Bronzer

To give a sharp and chiselled look in the photographs, a heavy contour is used, which is achieved with the help of bronzer. Take an angular blush brush and apply on the chin’s side like that of the strokes. Ensure you do not apply on the center part of the face, forehead sides and also on the two sides of the nose bone.

Blush Tips

The blush must be applied in a circular motion, blending it slowly moving it in an upward direction and toward the ears.

Tips for Eye shadow

The main focuses for the brides are their eyes. They love heavy makeup on the eyes as it will blend well with their outfits. Your eyelids should be painted with shades of peachy pink or gold and one can also use charcoal shadow to give it the smoky effect. This can be achieved by using a shade of brown on the inner crease of the eye. A golden shadow can also be used on the brow bones.  

Eyeliner Tips

The best tip recommended is not to experiment with anything on your wedding day. Opt for a simple and plain look like the black. Make sure it is waterproof and apply dark bold kajal on the lower part of the eye. Ensure to use heavy enhanced mascara. If you want a curly effect, use curved mascara brushes. You can also opt for fake lashes to give you the extra effect.

Lipstick Tips

For thin lips, line your lips that match your tone. Go for a dark red or maroon for fuller and bigger lips and light pink or peachy pink for thin lips.

The main aim of the bridal makeup is to keep it simple while enhancing your natural look and making you look gorgeous.

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