Go..Go..Groom Men

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“Please start getting ready at least 3 hours prior to our departure time”. I hear this line almost every time from my husband when we are supposed to attend a party or function. And I won’t lie but I do take a lot of time to get ready and I am not at all ashamed of it. But is this struggle only confined to us women? Not really. There is a lot that the men too face in terms of taking care of the skin and making it party ready. While there is much to talk about skin care for men, let’s talk about they being party ready today. No matter we women need a decent time to get ready, men too these days needs an equal time and equal number of products. Let’s talk about a few today.

Charcoal Face Mask

Hitting the gym in the morning and office post work-out, men’s skin faces a lot during a day. Constant sweating and encounter with dust brings along several problems like oil secretion, black heads and dullness. Using a charcoal face mask once a week can work wonders for your skin. Activated charcoal in the mask draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil from the skin making it feel more fresh and radiant. This type of mask works well with skin prone to acne or blackheads. But it is very important to use the right product for your skin. Choose a mask that doesn’t over dry your skin and remember to apply moisturizer regularly.

BB Cream

Yes, you read it right. I actually said a BB cream. It is always assumed that women wear foundation, BB or CC cream to appear fair. But this is an absolute fake believe. A BB cream acts as a primer for the skin. The purpose of this cream is to even out the skin complication and covers/ conceal imperfections on the skin like redness and some black spots. Using it helps the skin appear bright and fresh without giving it a cakey look. Constant trimming and shaving on the face can end up making the skin a little dull. Applying a small amount of BB cream before going for a party will add a freshness and glow to your face.

Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a big turn off and they need a lot of care and attention. There can be several reasons for the lips to get affected and chapped. Smoking, drinking and climatic changes are a few reasons that affect the lips. It is utmost important to keep your lips hydrated just as you keep your skin. Apply a lip balm generously on your lips before sleeping and a hint of it when you get ready for an outing to enhance you look.

Manicure Kit

Taking care of the nails are not really on the to-do list of guys; which actually should be. The most ignored part of a men’s body is their nails. Neat and healthy nails are a must have for both men and women. Most of the men do not realize that their hands also have the attention of others and keeping them groomed should also be important. Going for a manicure and pedicure session once a month can make a huge difference to your look. Groomed nails and heels can enhance your look even further.

Eye Brows

Yeah..!! After bombing you with the above points, this one was what I saved for the last. While groomed eyebrows are a hit among the women, it has a definite importance for men as well. Let’s accept, some men are bushy and grooming the facial hair becomes more important. Let me clear, I, here, do not mean to shape the browns; all I mean here is to focus on keeping the brows neat. Just like your beard, the brows too need some attention and grooming.