4 activities to make learning fun for your Nursery kid

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I was never a topper during my school days; an average performer and that’s it. There were n number of concepts that were explained to us by those thick and bulky textbooks yet my mind (many-a-times) refused to digest or even register them. Among all those concepts are a few which are as fresh as a daisy in my mind. For example the concept of a glass tumbler breaking during winters when we poured hot tea/water into it. I still have the noise of the glass cracking fresh in my eyes and that is simply because I was the one who was picked to try out this experiment in the class. Isn’t it quite true that our mind immediately registers the concepts (and forever) when done by our own self? And this is exactly why I encourage my daughter to get involved in a practical and fun learning. It all started when she got a DIY kit as a return gift and she fell in love with it. Now this is how I involve my 4 year old in a fun based learning to unleash her creativity.

Nail Paints to the rescue

My daughter loves playing with my makeup stuff and especially my nail paints. Now while I cannot take that away from her, I decided to add something to it. Now I ask my daughter to count then, arrange them in a line and even sort them as per the color types. In fact the resent addition to this game was the concept of addition and subtraction where she has easily understood the concept without even me making an extra effort or shedding a tear or two. Involving the kids in these types of activities helps them understand the concepts in a better manner and are likely to stay in their mind forever.

Fevicreate DIY Kits

Honestly I hate buying expensive toys like dolls and stuff toys for my child. And I feel really blessed that my daughter isn’t too fond of them. The only gift she asked me for was the Fevicreate DIY Kit, ever since she received it as a return gift on her friend’s birthday. These kits have different and amazing concepts like “make your own solar system” and “make your own globe”. Helping the kids understand the concepts with the help of these DIY kits make our job super easy and quick. And this fun way of learning is never denied by any kid and especially my daughter because she doesn’t even realize that she is understanding a concept while playing and that the most amazing part for me as a mother.

Newspaper has super powers

This concept was actually introduced to me by my 6 year old niece. On my daughter’s birthday, she wrapped the gift in a newspaper and colored it beautifully in rainbow colors. I felt it to be an amazing way to introduce the concept of environmental wellness to my daughter. We now use all the old newspaper to make paper bags and wrapping sheets out of it. This activity not just keeps her busy for hours but also help her understand the importance of using our natural resources wisely. We also do it with old sheets and clothes and try and make bags out of it. And for me, as a mother, this time is the most precious time I spend with my daughter.

Hide n Seek is more than a game

This activity is my recent addition to my collection. Since my daughter is learning about the word formation, I hide the letters of a word in the house and ask her to find them. This ways she not just enjoys her learning but also practice a lot without even making an extra effort. I also do the same with shapes, numbers etc.