How to calm yourself during pandamic.

1. All about craft

The best way to distract your anxious mind is to put in all your energies in different tasks, and what better than playing with some colors, paints and stationary. Sketching/Drawing is an easiest way to feel accomplished.

2. Call an old school/college friend.

By this time we all must have talked plenty about the covid-19. Catching up with an old friend would bring out nostalgic memories from the past, making you feel rejuvenated.

3. Take a digital break.

Take a short break from digital world and have some quality “Me” time, doing things that make you happy. It can be anything from Decorating your terrace garden and planting new sapling to cooking or simply taking a fragrant bubble bath and relaxing.

4. Dirty Dancing

This is one of the best ways to calm yourself down as well as loose those extra inches. Dance like no ones watching. Shut the door and grove on some of those high pitched desi music. Be happy to make others happy.

5. Learn a new skill

This is the best phase to learn a new skill that you have been longing to get your hands into for all these years but just couldnt manage. Anything from learning a new language to singing.

6. Simply Relax and be Thankful.

During this stressful times, one must never forgot to be thankful for first being safe and healthy and secondly for being able to have a bonding time with the loved ones. Economy or earnings might have taken a down curve, but this period has surely taught us to stress upon meaningful things in life.

Remember we all are in this together. Women have been facing major anxiety during this period, especially women in 50s and beyond.

Sharing your feeling with a postive person is the only way to overcome any worry.