Ways to increase positive Home energy.

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Attracting positive energy towards you, helps in keeping you mind and body healthy. The more postive the flow of energy is, the more benefiting it is.

Pots & Plants

Having pots of fresh plant in your home can make it 10x more peaceful and attractive than otherwise. It relaxes and rejuvenates you creating a positive impact on your home energy.

Use of Color

It is important to choose correct color pattern for your home. Having too much of darks and prints on the wall reduces the liveliness of your home causing restlessness in the mind and creating energy clashes.

Choosing Correct Clothes

People who prefer to wear either navy blue, black, browns and greys, most of the times, are more likely to have a less peaceful mind (although firm) as compared to people who like bright colors. The later tends to be more easy going. Each color bring out a different mood and have different impact on your home.

Space & decor

For a positive home, make sure your home has enough free space. Over-filling the space with either furniture or decor can lead to a mess & will cause decrease in the energy level.


For positive home energy, your home must always smell fresh and welcoming, but not too strong. A faint floral fragrance is always the best choice for homes. Igniting incense sticks or camphor can also be a good option.

Painting /Art work/Aquarium

A home must always have a meaningful painting or an art work that catches attention. Something that doesnt loose meaning over time. Such paintings help in increasing the positive flow of energy in homes. It can be anything from traditional art to mosaic or even an attractive aquarium.

Natural Light

It is important that your house gets enough natural light throughout the day. The natural light brings in a lot of positive energy that fills the space with warmth.