Musical Chair Game of the Elite

The perfect winged eyeliner and that retro red lipstick did all the justice to the polka-dot short dress worn by Kritika. Her waist long hair were beautifully curled and left open with a scarf tried around as a hair band. It was the first informal event that Kritika was supposed to attend post her wedding and all those wedding dinners by friends & family. Rajiv’s family was amongst the richest families of Delhi who resided in the posh colony of Chattarpur farms. Coming from a middle-class background, Kritika was a manager at a private bank where Rajiv’s father had a daily visit for work. Kritika’s politeness & simplicity enraptured Mr. Suri who decided to welcome her as his daughter-in-law. A formal meeting between the 2 families, and the engagement became the talk of the town. A month long courtship and the two were then declared husband and wife at a lavish destination wedding in Udaipur.

A final look in the mirror and wearing her My Burberry, Kritika was all set to face Rajiv who was getting ready in his own dressing room. His black Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo and the gelled hair made him appear no less than a royal but it was Kritika who was stealing the show today. The sound of her heels and his shoes clacking across the living room could be heard from a distance. The driver was signed off for the day and Kritika thought it to be a romantic plan by Rajiv. With a passionate lip lock in their Mercedes-Maybach, the couple was off to a lavish farmhouse owned by Somani’s in Sainik Farms. It didn’t take over 15 minutes to reach for them to reach their destination at 9:30 pm on a Saturday. It was Kritika’s first time at such a high-profile birthday party of Rajiv’s friend Karan Somani and she wanted to present her best foot forward. The place seemed exactly the opposite of what Kritika thought it to be. The party hall was too dark to clearly see anything much with some Disco lights added to match the “Bollywood Theme” of the event. The greetings were way to different from what Kritika has a habit off; for everyone was hugging and kissing each other in the name of addressing. “A high-society etiquette, maybe” she made herself understand and kept her best ever smile despite of all the twinge she had within. Hooches were flowing freely and cigarette or cigas in every hand, Kritika found the place too bizarre to be in, but decided to keep calm for Rajiv was exceptionally cheerful. In the name of proposing a toast to Kritika and Rajiv, the couple was made to have tequila shorts by their friends at the bar counter. Kritika’s resistance was ignored by both Rajiv and his friends and she was made to gobble the bitter transparent liquid by Rajiv.

The mind started to wonder and the senses failed to justify their jobs; Tequila had did its part for Kritika. The clock struck 2 am and the crowd had filtered to only 8 couples remaining in the house. The little sense that Kritika had in the moment, she assumed it to be the end of her first and not so enjoyable party; while the host announced for a round of musical chairs to be played between the couples. The music started with only four chairs on the floor and 8 people running around to claim one. The music stopped and Kritika felt someone’s arm pulling her towards him and making her sit on his lap. “Rajiv”, she said and smiled before spotting him sitting on next seat with Mrs. Mehra sitting on her lap. It was not a usual Musical Chairs she had been playing from her childhood days for this game had some adult rules and some adulterations. Pushing the arms around her away, Kritika stood up feeling woozy. Before she could call out for Rajiv, the music was played again with dimming the lights of the room. Karan held Kritika again and began to feel her body in the name of dancing, while Rajiv was busy doing the same with Mrs. Mehra. A major struggle with dizzy head and against a strong hold, Kritika finally helped herself to set free from the Karan’s grip and reach out to Rajiv. With teary eyes she started describing everything to Rajiv, when a waiter arrived with a basket having 4 car keys in there, including Rajiv’s while he didn’t pick his own.

It didn’t take a minute for Kritika to realize what was supposed to happen next and her teary eyes were now filled with fear and helplessness. While the wife swapping game was normal and fun for others, Kritika was raped brutally that night.

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  1. Oh my God, Parul. That was some story. Rajiv is such a *very bad word that I really want to use but I’m refraining from using*
    I hope no one has to go through something like that.


  2. Oh God!Your story was so gripping but at the same time it addressed such a serious issue. Wife swapping is also a form of rape. How can anyone even justify such an act!


  3. Unfortunately, I have heard of such parties and the picking up of the car keys so couples can be randomly paired up. A chilling true story this.


  4. I have heard of such parties and chose to ignore it because it sounded unacceptable, but as I read this, there must be harsh reality in these kind of parties. The so-called “Elite”


  5. Oh my God! That was brutal. It is indeed true that all kind of nasty things happen in the so called high society. Nothing corrupts people more than money and power.


  6. this is really sad and scary. and ugly truth of so called modern society. i love the way you had set up whole scene and narrated the whole story.


  7. I’ve read about the similar incident in metro city. That’s heart felt read. #MyFriendAlexa #dewreads


  8. Oh no!!! That’s the dark secret of so call high upper class. I must say you have written it so well that any reader could easily imagine every scene.


  9. Hi Parul! That was some engrossing storytelling. Even though, I had an inkling of what the ending would be, you narrated it so sensitively that our hearts go out to Kritika. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads


  10. I have heard of this at least 20 years ago in Hyderabad society! Most of them are called swinging couples! These are “high” society do’s and they do it after they are “high”. The sad but true state of the so-called elite!


  11. This was brilliantly told. But brutal… Scary that this could actually be a reality somewhere around us even today.


  12. Sadly these things are going on for a long time and unfortunately it has become a norm in the elite classes. I even take offence to term wife swapping which should be termed as couple swapping. Why to only name it on wife. People just want to keep sush about it. Liked your storytelling. Keep writing such thought provoking pieces.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia


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