Lord Shiva’s Abode:- The Mysteries of Mount Kailash

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One of the most intriguing range in the Himalayas, Mount Kailash and it’s adjoining Mansarovar lakes has been shrouded in mystery ever since we know about it. While the tallest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, have been submitted around 4000 times, it seems weird that modern men still haven’t been successful in concurring the peak. Abode of Shiva for Hindus, abode of Buddha for Buddhists and for the followers of Jainism, Mt. Kailash is believed to be the place from where Rishabh, the propagator of the religion, attained enlightenment. Along with several believes, the peak is also said to possess many mysteries around it. A few that still needs a answer. So, let’s explore the 5 unsolved mysteries of MOUNT KAILASH

Is It a Pyramid?

Four Faces of Mount Kailash
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For several years, Mt. Kailash has captivated the researchers and scientists to unfold the mystery behind it. While many theories, by various scientists were have popped up in these years, a theory in particular attained everyone’s attention. According to a Russian scientist, Mount Kailash is too perfect, in terms of its symmetry, shape and structure, that barely appears to be a creation of the nature. As per his theory, the peak that we see today, covered with snow, is actually the biggest man-made Pyramid of the planet. How true could that be? We’ll let time unveil the truth.

Does Time Fry at Kailash?

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Have you ever experienced a time leap? Well, a few mountaineers at Kailash definitely saw the un-natural happening. Creating a lot more drama to the existing, the air of the holy mountain is said to rapid the aging process, where trekkers have experienced a rapid growth of their nails and hair. A process that usually takes 2-3 weeks is said to happen a matter of few hours at the Kailash. No matter how difficult it might sound for us to believe it, people near the Kailash Mansarovar have been testifying this for generations. That’s a real time leap, isn’t it?

Does the Mountain Change Position?

Mount Kailash – The Greatest Mystical Library | Isha Sadhguru
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For decades, mountaineers have been making numerous attempts of conquering the Kailash Parvat while none of them have been said to succeed. According to the Buddhists, nobody other than a 11th century Tibetan Buddhist monk called Milarepa has been successful in scaling up the peak. The mountain is said to change its destination and also tends to block the way of the tracks, misleading the climbers and hence making it impossible (almost) to reach to the peak. There also have been stories around the fact that some climbers refused to attempt the submit in order to protect the believes of the people. Whatever the case might be, each narration of Mount Kailash does nothing but deepens the mysteries around it; doesn’t it?

Does the Mountain have Super Natural Power?

Om, AUM, Onkar is an ancient sound and is known as Shabda Brahm or Naad  Brahm. Entire creation that we see, feel… | Himalayas, Kailash mansarovar,  Spiritual artwork
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Can the abode of Shiva be any less powerful? The four face of the holy Parvat are said to face the four direction of the compass. While the association of Kailash with the stairs to heaven is not unknown and the symbol of Om that is formed naturally on the Parvat is believed as an embodiment of the presence of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the world. From being unachievable to reflecting Swastic and Om symbols, from the leap of time to the uncanny resemblance of the surrounding lakes to the sun and crescent moon, Kailash is a Parvat of Super Natural Power that reflects everything around Shiva (at least this is what people believe it to be). 

Is it the Centre of the World?

10 Spiritual Facts about Mt. Kailash that will Amaze You
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According to the research of various scientists, it has been suggested that Mount Kailash is the axis of rotation the celestial sphere, calling it the axis mundi. The Parvat is also said to be connected to several other monuments around the globe such as the Stonehenge, which is exactly 6666 km away from it, the North Pole is also being 6666 km away and the South Pole being exactly double the distance i.e. 13332 km away from the peak. 

Having it’s mention in the Vedas and mythological books, Kailash Parvat has a lot around it that needs a scientific backing. Till we achieve that, I’ll let you take the chills of the mountain and its mysteries.