Timeless Treasures: – E-Book Review

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Author: – Padmini Chilappagari

Pages: 72

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Padmini Chilappagari is a Software Engineer by profession but a reader, blogger/ writer by passion. She currently resides in Virginia, USA but her heart still wanders in the streets of her hometown Hyderabad, India. She’s grown up reading books and claims that nothing can replace their place in her life. Writing is her second love, reading being her first and she’s been writing all her life, but mostly personal. She believes in women empowerment, gender equality and is currently the Communications Chair of the American Association for University Women, Fairfax branch. She is also a coffee lover and a movie enthusiast.

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Priya, Myra, and Arjun are three college friends who are hired by the IT giant, Infosys Ltd. For all the college hires of Infosys, it is mandatory to be trained at the Mysore campus for a few months before posted to a job location. Thus, the trio end up on the amazing campus which spans over 350 acres. Read on as the three friends experience good days, bad days and discover life like never before.


‘There are quite a few reads that create the magic of nostalgia’. If I have to sum the book in one line, this would be an apt definition. The novel would definitely take back to your placement or to your first job days. The story revolves around these 3 collage friends who fortunately got hired by the dream company ‘Infosys’. As they move to Mysore at this five-star campus, their life takes different turns to get them a know it much well. While I won’t spoil your fun by giving you much details, but you definitely are in for a fun ride with this e-novel.

The author also deserves a special mention for her crisp and amazing style of writing. You get glued to the book till the end, which for me is the great achievement for an e-book. Also, since the writing style is simple and the story is short, it makes the book a quick read. So, if you like a light, fun and emotional read, this book is a must for you.


Narration: – 4/5
Characters:- 4/5
Entertainment:- 4.5/5