Delta Plus, a covid- 19 variant of concern

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The Delta variant of novel coronavirus, first detected in India has now acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N. There has been worries around the variant being more transmittable as the World Health Organization (WHO) list it as a variant of concern. 

India, on Wednesday reported around 40 new cases of the Delta variant carrying a variant that makes it more transmittable. While a few states like Telangana are planning to ease-out the lockdown, this variant has definitely been a concern. 

The Delta Plus variant, as we call it in India, is a sub-lineage of the Delta variant and has acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N which is also found in the Beta variant (identified first in South Africa).  

While the world has tried to keep their guards up against the delta variant of the coronavirus, there has been at least nine countries to report the cases of the Delta Plus variant of the virus, including India. From United states to United Kingdom, from Japan to Russia, from Switzerland to China this variant has raised an alarm for the world.