Third wave of Covid:- Half the cases, double the transmission

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The suspected third wave of corona, that can possible hit India somewhere between October-November this year, if Covid appropriate behavior is not followed. The authorities faced a lot of criticism for not predicting the second wave of the deadly virus, which changed the phase of the country during those 2-3 months. The panel, hence, now are trying their best to spread as much awareness as possible. 

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While UK is undergoing a third wave of coronavirus infections as a result of the highly transmissible Delta variant, the pandemic is here to stay for a bit more, says an expert on the government panel. The possible third wave have a lot of theories around it, one of which is around it’s transmission. COVID infection can spread faster during the third wave if any new variant of SARS-CoV-2 emerges. However, it may see half of the daily recorded cases in India during the second surge, suggests scientist.

It has also immerged that Delta variant is attacking people who encountered a different variant earlier, which means, you aren’t very safe even if you have had a taste of the infection. The experts, hence suggest to take all precautions possible and restrict your travel as much as possible. 

The government has also been emphasizing on vaccination as the fear of the third wave looms. Now that the procedure is open of all (including pregnant women, excluding minors), it is suggested to take your jabs in time while sticking to Covid appropriate behaviors to avoid or make the third wave less damaging.