Delhi:-First Green War Room Operates From Today

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As the smoggy winter month hits, Delhi Govt. is all set to withstand the challenge this year with its 15-point winter action plan. While many attempts have been made to combat air pollution in Delhi/NCR, this plan includes the installation of 233 anti-smog guns and the deployment of at least 150 mobile anti-smog guns.

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Under the same, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finally operates his first green war room today where a team of nine scientific experts will monitor the situation with the help of 611 teams by keeping an eye on garbage burning in the open. The war room has been set up for round-the-clock monitoring of the city’s air quality. Based on the inputs of these teams, the govt. would then plan these actions for the next day.

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The war room is said to be equipped with high-end technology, instruments and even pictures from NASA to eagle eye on any crop of garbage burning activity happening that might affect the air quality of Delhi. All we hope is to seek better air quality this winter and wish Mr. Kejriwal all the best for his project.