Book Review:- BITS and Pieces

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Author: – Harshit Nanda

Pages: 115

Price: 180.00

About the Author: – 

A blogger, writer & an author, Harshit Nanda is an avid reader and a lover of the written word. She’s an ex- 1997 batch BITSian, based in Dubai, UAE now. Her novella, “Xanadu: Three Souls Searching For Paradise”, was published in 2021. She has also been a part of many anthologies.


Want to know about BITSian lingo: “C’not”, “Lacha”, “RefLi” or about Gate Calls? 

Or about the various clubs in BITS Pilani and its famous college festival “Oasis”?

The world of BITS Pilani is secluded, enclosed within the walls of its Vidya Vihar campus. 

BITS and Pieces: A Collage of my BITSian Memories is a book that will take readers on a walk down the memory lane. Through the book, readers will learn about the secrets and quirks of BITS Pilani. It evokes images of the simpler pre-mobile days when BITS Pilani had only one campus. Steeped in nostalgia, BITS and Pieces: A Collage Of My BITSian Memories offers a glimpse into the campus life of BITS Pilani during pre-mobile days when BITS Pilani had only one campus. This book will appeal to  BITSians, ex-BITSians and even non-BITSians who either want to relive their memories or want to know more about BITS Pilani.


As the title very well suggests, the book is all about the college/ hostel life of the Author at BITS Pilani. Titled alphabetically, the 26 chapters in the book take you on the journey of her beautiful BITS memories. What started from her unawareness about the collage, was summed up to be one of her most beautiful phases of life.

Harshita, with her lucid writing and quirky narration, has managed to hold the reader’s attention and knit them well into her tale. While I have never been to any hostel myself, this book gave a glimpse of what I missed. Her connection towards her institute was well conveyed through her narration. Readers with a connection to the institute would be in for a nostalgic treat with this book.

A carving of the illustration in an alphabetical manner is another art visible here. The slang, words and emotions of BITSian memories of the author correspond to each alphabet, making you excited to read the next chapter. My only disappointment with the book is the author giving bracket notes. At various points in the chapters, you would see the author given a note “more about it in alphabet #). such notes break your curiosity about the chapters ahead and make the content look similar to a reference book.

Pick this look if you are looking for a light-hearted read that would remind you of your college days.


Narration: – 3.5/5
Audience Connect:- 3/5
Entertainment:- 3/5

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