You’re a wife too

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It was 3:45 in the morning and i was feeding my 4 months old daughter, when i noticed deep dark circles around my husband’s eyes. It was not just the dark circles but also his long grown hair that pinched my eyes. Why was he in such a condition? The question knocked my mind and it just took me a minute to realise that it was not just me who’s life has changed but also him. Struggling with being a mother, i did not realise, when did i start ignoring being his wife. We women generally have a habit of highlighting our problems, but do we ever try to step into their shoes and see their side of the story. No, atleast i didn’t. It didn’t hit me, when did i start going away from him. But did he really deserve it? I began to find the answer.

My daughter was just 15 days old , since when, its her father’s chest that implies bed for her; and i was the one complaining to have difficult nights. The couriers with his name now contained our daughter’s diapers instead of his stuff; and i thought it was just me who had her needs in my mind all time. I always got angry on all his business trips but got amazed to find the new toys each time i use to unpack his bag. I say i carry her all day but never realise that he carries her all night despite of his hectic day and a  severe back ache. I say he doesn’t have time for us, but never did it click me that he pays a double duty where his days are for his work and nights for his child. I get angry on knowing that he’ll be an hour late to get a haircut done, but always forget to thank his when he sends me to the parlour every sunday, managing our daugher all alone. I say i gave up my freedom for her but he have up his gym, his friends, his Saturday nights, his Sundays, lost his sleepy, comfortable nights for her and me. But when did i notice it? 

It was 6 in the morning now and still glazing at him i realised that its important to be a good mother but also equally important to be  a good wife. Why do we tend to neglect our husband for our child and still conplain that they have changed. So all you mommies do not forget that you are a wife too. Spend some time with your partner, prepare them a special meal, understand their side of the story. Because its not just you who is struggling with your new role but also its them who are, at every second of the day, trying to be a professional, a good son, a good father and also a good husband.