Make-Up Hacks With A Moisturizer

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We have applauded the excellence of moisturizing daily plenty of times. So, by now, it’s probably pretty safe to say that you’re a pro when it comes to using moisturizer in your skin care routine. But even though we have got our basics right, are we really using the moisturizer to its full potential? We are very certain that these 7 life hacks with the NIVEA Creme will find a permanent space in your make-up/ skincare routine. So let’s get started:-

Use The Creme To Make A BB Creme:-

Run out of your BB cream and applying the foundation would look a little too much? Simply take a little NIVEA Creme on your palm and add a small quantity of your foundation to it. Mix it well and apply it all over your face. This will not only help the foundation spread evenly on your face but also give a subtle and natural look to your face.

Make a Primer:-

If you want a fresh and sheen looks for your face before wearing any make-up, this hack is a dream comes true for you. Take some NIVEA creme and some powder highlighter (in a proportion of 2:1) on your palm and mix it well. Apply it evenly on your face to give an instant boost to your skin before the make. This can also be used on days when you do not wish to apply make up and yet want a sheen look on your face.

DIY Cleansing Milk:-

We all use the cleansing milk available in the market to clean our face or to remove our make-up but these usually end up dying our skin; don’t they? So just simply take some NIVEA creme in a small container (a little less than half) and add to it some rose water (any brand that you like) to fill the rest of the container. Mix it well to get your moisturizing cleansing milk that would clean your face while nourishing it.

Face Scrub:-

Scrubbing is an important part of the skin care routine. But even doing it once in 15 days tends to dry out the skin. So this simple scrub (made at home) will do the needful without drying the skin. Take some brown sugar in a container and add some Nivea creme to it. Scrub your face with this mix to remove all the dead cells and end up with a silky smooth skin.

Crack heel Cream:-

Cracked heal is a big issue that most of us face. They aren’t just awful looking but also quite painful. A permanent resort to this problem is your NIVEA crème. Add this to your night care routine and you’ll thank me for your feather smooth feet. Every night, before hitting the bed, clean your foot properly and apply a thick layer of NIVEA crème on your feet. Wear a soft cotton socks over and sleep. Do this each night (even after your crack heels are repaired) to maintain the softness of your feet.

Moisturizing Pack:-

After the everyday make up routine, all we need is a gentle face mask that moisturizes our skin and leaves it feathery soft. To achieve that simply apply a thick layer of Nivea Creme on your clean face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wipe off the creme with a wet wipe or a wet microfiber make up removing cloth. Your skin will feel baby soft and fresh. Use this pack once a week if you have a dry skin and once in 15 days if you have normal/ combination skin.

I hope these hacks help you achieve great results. HAPPY SKINCARE TO YOU!