His Phone Flashed A Message From S…. Part 1

Sleeping peacefully in the crib were Misha’s twins. Being blessed with a baby boy and a girl after 15 years of her marriage was not something she dreamt of. With every failed IVF, her sky high hopes took a little fall. IVF treatments were neither easy on their mind, nor on the pocket. Misha thanked her stars, as her husband was able to afford the treatment. Each time that the treatment responded negatively, she didn’t give up and just hoped for the next one to work. It took 17 IVF proceedings and after a wait of 9 months, she felt the touch of a life; or in her case, 2 lives. Misha’s husband Nitin was equally excited about the news of the twins and their arrival gave him a new inspiration in life. He wanted to work harder, to be fitter, and to be more amazing for them. While he tried to make the life better and larger than large for the kids, Misha was somewhere struggling inside. The hour glass body she possessed changed with each passing IVF session; Her long beautiful black hair had lost their shine and thickness post-partum. And, her self-confidence didn’t exist anymore. Handling twins alone wasn’t a child’s play and she realised it too soon.

The kids were 8 months old now and Misha was a little more stable (thanks to a full time nanny). While the mother in her was trying to cope up, the wife was somewhere losing her grip. With each passing day, Nitin felt a mile away from her. He left home at 7 AM and returned at 9 PM. Not even once during the day did Misha’s phone flash Nitin’s name. And for every call that she made to him, a yes or no would do the job and the next she heard from the other side of the phone was a long beep of being disconnected. Nothing was helping. No seduction, no pampering, and no 3 hours spent in the kitchen to cook a special dish for him; just nothing. Misha was failing every time, yet she convinced herself that all was fine. And, that it was just a phase that would pass.

That Sunday morning she woke up in a pleasant mood. Still being in the bed and with kids off to their grandma’s place for a day, that extra 2 hours sleep went well. As she turned towards Nitin, she observed the light of his phone under the duvet. “Again this god damn phone,” she said to herself. The mornings before kids were different where Nitin use to tickle her to wake her up and now her morning alarm was the weeping of the kids. But today was different. Today was her’s, rather theirs. She quickly went near him, while he had his back facing her, she snatched the phone and hopped on him. “Good morning”, she was about to say when the phone flashed a message from “Sheetal”…