His Phone Flashed A Message From S… Part 2

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The smile vanished, the seduction succumbed, and Misha froze. Neither she nor Nitin were blinking. The phone buzzed a few times more; 4 times to the exact. And all the messages were from Sheetal. It was 8:15 and a Sunday morning, where no one (most likely) could have a need to buzz him. Moreover who was this Sheetal? Before Misha could react, Nitin snatched the phone back. Misha’s heart was pounding out of her chest. With shaking hands and racing heartbeat, she got off him and took her seat back on her side of the bed. The indifferent attitude of Nitin was pinching her from a long time but the reason was unknown to her. Nitin typed something on his phone and kept it aside to turn towards Misha and talk to her, but she wasn’t there in the room. He didn’t realise that she had stepped out a few seconds back. Nitin followed her to find her preparing tea in the kitchen. “It was…”, Nitin tried to explain. “I didn’t ask anything Nitin”, Misha literally smashed the line in his face. She knew he would lie, she could sense every bit of it from his face. He knew him for more than 17 Year’s now and could easily tell if he was lying; and this time he would. She silently prepared the tea and Nitin kept on waiting for her anger bomb to blast. But it didn’t. Nitin felt the traces of tears in Misha’s eyes a few times during the daybut they never come out flowing. Trying to avoid the situation, Nitin picked up different topics to start a conversation with Misha; to lighten her mood, but it didn’t work. That Sunday passed with an uncomfortable silence from both the ends. Next morning he left home at around 7:15 am and Misha continued with her household chores. While her hands were working, so was her mind, but in some other direction. It was many a times that she knew Nitin was lying but this time it was indigestion, so she picked her car keys, put the babies in the car seat and dropped them to her mother’s place yet again. Reaching Nitin’s office later, she didn’t bother to greet the receptionist back and stabbed her with the direct question “Is their any Sheetal in your office?”. She knew the answer yet she wanted to hear it. And she did. There was No Sheetal in the official.

Misha fell numb. Her trust in Nitin was shattered. With no Sheetal in the office and no Sheetal in the friends & family circle, it was confirm now. Sitting on the dining table, she was desperately waiting for Nitin to arrive, who entered at around 9:00 pm. These 7 hours of waiting for Nitin was the toughest of all. From the movement Misha returned from the office, she didn’t stood up from that chair. Her relationship was over in her eyes and she was struggling to find the reason of Nitin’s betrayal. She wasn’t ready to disperse in silence, instead wanted an answer for all her question. “How could you?”, her words were barely understandable for her throat was chocked. The tears refused to remain confined to the eyes now and she bursted into tears. “I know you don’t love me any more and you probably would have thousand of reasons for that, but what about our kids?…You cheat” Before Nitin could react Misha bursted again; “It’s all over Nitin… we are over”. Nitin waited for good 45 minutes to wait for his turn to speak. “May I say something”, he began. Misha didn’t bother to answer. “Yes I’m in a relationship with someone, from past 7 months”; the tears in her eyes were racing now. “And yes it’s Sheetal…

… Sheetal Pan Shop guy cross the road who supplies a cigarette to me every morning, you stupid. All I was hiding was that I have been consuming a cigarette every day from sometime now.” Misha almost fainted in shock.