It was a meet to remember

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It has often been asked to me that what motivated me to become a blogger. Well, I’ll be honest in saying that I’m an accidental blogger. It was during my post-partum phase that I was introduced to the world of blogging and then I was unstoppable. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life. Holding the little one in your arms for the first time, after going through hours of pain, melt’s you down. With this phase you not only welcome your child, but also some fears in your life. At least I had a few. I was super scared to hold my little one, bath her or even to feed her. The baby being so delicate tends to bring these fears and it was this that made me share my experiences, learning’s and remedies thought my blogs.

During our blogging journey we often get an opportunity to meet a few brands and interact with their team though the bloggers meet-up sessions. It’s not that these sessions are just informative but they are also fun-filled. Brands conduct these meets to interact with mom’s like us to understand our issues & experiences and to give us an inside view of their product or services. It was just a few days back that I attended a meet-up session with the Zandu Striveda team. The invitation made me super excited as I was facing an issue of low milk supply and Striveda is a product which is the answer to all my prayers.

The issue of low breast milk supply is faced by many and so did I. Hence to address these issues, a bloggers meet was organized at a hotel in Gurgaon; focusing on the challenges related to breastfeeding and the ways to tackle it. Dr. Shelly and Dr. Geetika, who were on the expert panel, were generous enough to listen to our queries and give us a clearer inside picture and answer. We got to know that Striveda has Satavari which is known to induce milk supply. It comes from the house of Zandu so it’s completely natural and safe along with a great vanilla flavor. And like I said earlier, these meets are not just about information, so wasn’t this. The brand had planned so many fun activities for us and hence we were divided into teams where we named our group as “Momilicious”.

We first played an online game where we stood 2nd and then played an adjectives game which was won by us. Rewards always makes one happy and so were we on receiving our prices. 

The session ended on a really happy and fun note post which I gave a few media bites and then grabbed a bite myself. It was a wonderful experience indeed and I’m glad that the brand chose me to share this very special moment with other mom’s, as opposed to media personnel. It was a lovely gesture and the Zandu team made sure that all the moms who had traveled, after all their work and leaving the kids behind, were pampered completely.

These meets adds a lot of beautiful memories to our life diaries; memories that will be cherished forever.