I Wish I Too Had A PC Enabled-Learning Experience

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“Ma’am! I have a question.” I said it out loud while attending a workshop organized by my daughter’s school. “While we as parents & you as teachers always say that minimal screen time should be allotted to the child; why are your classrooms equipped with the Dell computers? I have seen teachers making kids watch rhymes and some videos on the PC, why is that?” Mrs. Chauhan, the founder of the school, very gently smiled and asked me a simple question. “Ma’am, how do you think you would explain the concept of a volcanic eruption to your child?” I didn’t know how to react. For me, my daughter was too young to understand this concept and she somehow read my thoughts. “I know you must be thinking that these concepts are too complicated for a nursery kid to understand, right? But let me tell you that our lovely kids know this concept and this is all thanks to our focus on the PC- enabled learning. 

We do not say that rote learning doesn’t work, but today Hyphenate learning helps a child get an understanding of the concept, which stays with him forever”. Her words somehow forced me to shuffle my idea about learning. While we always say that practical learning is the best way of learning for a child, we still somewhere are stuck to rote learning which has become the biggest hurdle in our education system. We still follow the old school method of making our kids memorize the information like the alphabet, numbers, and multiplication tables only to excel in the exams (For a primary schooled). But learning is way beyond that. PC-enabled learning is an interactive and very sensory way of learning so students stay alert while studying. The focus is on understanding the theory taught in class instead of just reading about it on a surface level with the purpose of long-term recall. 

In fact, the very question of Mrs. Chauhan made me realize that some concepts cannot be explained theoretically. This is where you realize that the PC- enabled education is a boon. The kids not only understand the concepts but it also stays in their mind forever. And this is a kind of education that would help the kids become smarter and enjoy learning and understanding of new concepts.  A PC not only enables a child to grasp the concept but also gives a room for creativity.

It was the next day that my daughter’s school sent us a video through mail on the initiative #DellAarambh on empowering India for digital literacy. The video made us (parents) realize that rote learning cannot be completely ignored, for it is ingrained in our education system. What we can do is add elements of PC-enabled learning to our child’s daily study routine to reap its benefits in a long-term and continual basis. It won’t be wrong to say that a PC is a necessity and not a luxury. Sharing the video with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v_vitxhrYQ  . Also, do let me know your thought on this in the comments below

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