Marriage is a blessing, not all would agree

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Marriage is a blessing,
not all would agree;
Because it takes a lot to create it,
and not everyone is ready.

With years of togetherness,
this is what I’ve learnt;
there is no definition for a perfect marriage,
just beautiful journey you travel through in the same carriage.

It’s moving forward holding hands,
and standing together facing the world.
It’s doing things for each other,
and strengthening the bond even further.

It’s appreciating each other,
with all the efforts that are made.
But also brings along the responsibility,
of helping the other if the confidence fades.

Some days you won’t feel like trying,
some days you would just want to give up.
But it shouldn’t matter who is right or wrong;
just talk with each other and move on.

Someone rightly said it to me,
and i would want to tell you now.
Marriage is at no point taking the other one for granted,
it’s simply following all that you committed in your vows.

It’s never going to sleep angry,
it’s all about trust and love.
It’s not about marrying the right person,
it’s about being the right partner yourself.

I wouldn’t say you won’t fall.
Neither would i say that things won’t go wrong.
But just in that time, remember to look up;
to find the hand of your partner to grab you strong.

Parul Malhotra