Trick to meet daily nutritional requirement of your kid

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Learning and development is a continuous process for growing kids. There are many times when we tend to underestimate the caliber of our child. These little bundles of joy are loaded with a lot to potential; it’s just the matter of right guidance and nutrition to enhance it.

Thanks to the dramatic amount of growth children experience from the age of 5 years and upwards, they need a generous allowance of vitamins and minerals. These are critical for their healthy growth, activity, learning, and behavior. Not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to serious health problems. But at times it becomes difficult to fulfill the right amount of nutrition requirement for the kids. Below are some of my tricks to ensure right nutritional intake for my daughter.

Some Mom’s Trick:-

  1. Pav Bhaji:-

Pav bhaji is one of my favorite dishes when it comes to feeding my child with all the veggies she dislikes. The bhaji that I prepare has so much more than just potato. I add capsicum, gheeya (bottle gourd), carrots, broccoli and practically whatever I find. The blend of all the veggies and the addition of lemon juice don’t make the kids realize what they are eating and they enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Health loaded Pizza:-

This is one of the most favorite dishes of my daughter. She loves eating pizza but hates to eat veggies. So to find a solution to that I dice all the veggies like mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and capsicum finely and stir fry them in a nonstick pan for a minute of two. Stir frying the veggies makes them really soft and delicate as they already were diced finely. I also add baby spinach leaves in the pan while stir-frying the veggies and they too get tender. The add all these veggies on the wheat pizza base and coat it generously with a layer of grated cottage cheese and just a little mozzarella cheese to hind all the veggies. This trick really works as she never is able to guess what’s inside and relishes her pizza.

  • Chuk-Chuk Milk

Now this name “Chuk-Chuk” milk is given by my daughter. While I was making a lot of experiments with food, making my daughter consume milk was really a task. It was then that I came to know about V-Nourish and I grabbed a pack of it. V-Nourish is a nutrition supplement for kids which has no artificial color, flavor and preservatives. It contains milk protein and real fruit chunks. Among all the 4 variants available, my daughter picked the strawberry. The real strawberry chunks present in it is loved by her and makes me so satisfied that she enjoys her milk and demands for it twice a day. A few thinks I loved about it are:-

  • It contains 40 Nutri-Boosters to support growth, immunity, good digestion, stamina
  • Contains Ashwangadha and Aloe Vera
  • Contains probiotics & prebiotics to support good digestion.
  • Contain DHA that also called the brain nutrient
  • Non-so-canned Juice

Now this is my personal favorite. My daughter loves to have juices but the canned or tetra packed ones. The moment she knows that this is a fresh home-made juice, she wouldn’t accept it. Now to solve this problem I have found a solution. I have saved an empty juice can with me. I prepare fresh vegetable and fruit juice daily for her and put it in that can and give it to her. She now feels that I gave her this canned juice every day and she consumes it happily (What else could I have thought of). Canned juices are loaded with sugar while the fresh vegetable and fruit juice is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Kids will be kids, naughty and full of energy. And to stay that way, they need the right nutrition. The effects of different foods on the brain development and cognitive performance of the kid have been known for years without needing to be examined closely. Hence it becomes important to meet their daily nutrition requirement to ensure their healthy and strong immunity. Try these tricks and tell me if they work for your child as they do for mine.