Mantras to change your outlook towards life

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In the digital and fast moving world that we are living, life runs with an amazing pace and keeping a parallel pace is what we all struggle with. While we all need a well-lived life, there are a few rules you need to set to achieve this. Here are a few mantra that i have adopted in the last couple of years that have impacted my life, believing in which helps me along, always.

You can’t make everyone happy:-

No matter what you do and how much efforts you put it, it is almost impossible for you to keep everyone happy. So it is important for you to understand and accept your own happiness first. Trying to do things to make others happy won’t last long. It is better to be yourself than to fake it just for the sake of others. Do whatever you can do with a good intention but never try to impress others with doing things beyond your caliber. For instance, if you cannot wake up early at 5:00 am, state it clear. It’s better to be straight forwards at the beginning than to back-off later. Things will then start falling into place eventually. Waking up early for others would only last for a few initial days and later backing off will make things worse. So set your rules and path straight.

Just Let It Be

I happened to adopt this mantra recently, like a few years back and this has been a life changing one for me. While you always learn somethings from others, I learnt this one from my mom-in-law.
Life never sails smoothly, yet moving on is the only key. So why to carry the baggage of bad memories? You can never change the way others think or react; neither is there a need. So just keep a filter on what stays in your memory. I know it isn’t easy as it’s said but trust me, once you adopt this, you’ll be the most content one. I was the kind of a person who never use to take things lightly and ended up being depressed and hurt. Now when I have started paying no attention to what others have to say or do, there is no baggage of bad memories on my shoulders and that makes me feel so light and positive. So whatever makes you feel hurt, just simply remember to tell it to your self “just let it be; you’re way to above all this”.

This is done. What next?

Never hang up your boots. Do set a goal for yourself and never just have one. Once you achieve your set goal, set your sight to another one. This mantra was tough to me by my father who at every achievement said “Great! now what next?” You might not understand it initially like i didn’t; but this kept me going and stopping was never an option for anything. After being a mother, the only thing i thought was raising my child well and in that phase i forgot myself somewhere.

This phase will pass

The only thing that’s permanent in our life is that nothing is permanent. Things will change eventually and this fact is undeniable. Problems, difficulties, grief, failure are sure to come but will ultimately pass away, whether or not you do anything about it. Every trouble has a short life and the only way to live by it is to strand strong and face it. Succumbing to the situation should never be an option.

There’s always a room for learning

No matter how much you know and how old you are, there always be a scope of learning. Be it be a person you admire or be it be a person you hate, everyone would have something to adopt from. I still remember, as a child, there was a distant relative that i really use to hate, yet i followed and noticed his very closely. All his actions, good or bad, tough me something and it made me clear as to what to adopt and what now. He was an extremely selfish person yet was super daring; who didn’t use to hesitate on try on something new. Being selfish was never my pick but being courageous certainly was.
Everyone has some traits to pick from, it’s just how you look at them.

These mantras are not easy to adopt, i agree. But once you are successful in doing that, i’ll change your outlook towards life. Try them and do tell me if you found them useful in the comments below.