Book Review:- The Krishna Key (A must read)

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The Krishna Key is an anthropological thriller by the author Ashwin Sanghi and is his third novel. The book revolves around a professor who has been accused of the murder of his childhood friend.

Plot Summery

The book centers around a protagonist and historian, Ravi Mohan Saini and mojor part of the story is narrated through his eyes. The Krishna Key, like the previous novel of Sanghi (Chanakya Chant), incorporates two parallel stories . One part is about Lord Krishna who lived on this earth roughly five thousand years ago. And the other part revolves around a rich little boy who believes that he is the final and much awaited avatar of Lord Vishnu i.e. Kalki; where he ends up being a serial killer.
On the other hand, Saini, in attempt to clear his name from the murder charges, explores the grey area of Indian Mythology and uncovers the truth about the serial killer Taarak Vakil who considers himself as Kalki. Saini travels to different part of ancient ruins from “the lost city” Dvārakā to various Vrindavan temples in order to unveil the treasure of Lord Krishna or Krishna Key and stop any further murders from happening.
The plot also involves four parts of a seal that must be brought together to solve the puzzle of Krishna Key. These four parts of the seal are in possession of four different people who are the descendants of the Yarvada Tribe. The first being with Saini himself, other other were with Anil Varshney, Dr. Nikhil Bhojaraj, Devendra Chhedi. Getting all these seal would solve the mystery of the Krishna Key and this is what everything revolves around.

The author has tried his best to describe the characters in a brilliantly summed-up manner without being too stretchy. Prof. Saini’s character talks about the Vedic Age, delves into the importance of the sacred number “108” and connects it with a whole lot of incidents regardless of geographic boundaries, theorizes that Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva is actually a man made structure, that Shiv and Vish are two sides of the same coin, and various other concepts which I enjoyed reading. While the characters were crafted beautifully, Taarak Vakil’s character was the most disappointing one which started out promisingly and just faded off. He was simply the minion of Priya Ratnani, the history teacher turned villain, who decides to create Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu.

All-in-all this book keeps you engrossed till the very end with it’s dramatic plot and some nail biting twists and turns. The character of Lord Krishna is undoubtedly the most interesting, strong and invincible. and framing a story around such a powerful character is a challenge in itself which Ashwin Sanghi excelled. The novel clearly shows the research that went into creating it and the efforts of the author to make this an interesting read for the young readers by adding a few images and maps for the better understanding.
This book is a must read for all those who loves reading mystery novels just like I do. the book keeps you glued and you won’t want to stop reading. Just like the beginning, the book ended too in an interesting way.

Were they able to crack the mystery behind The Krishna Key or find it? You’ll have to read it to find it for yourself.