Book Review- Kaalkoot

Author: S. Venkatesh

With Kaalkoot, author S. Ventatesh has made his debut in the historical fiction section. His debut novel has been one of the best sellers in the category for it’s nail-biting hysterical twists and crime thriller.
While I am crazy about reading, and mythology is one of my favorite genres. And if it is a mythological thriller, nothing can stop me from reading it. The thrill you get when the stories you have heard about are used to create more stories is beyond explainable. The wave of refreshment you get when you think of those characters in a different story is brilliant.


KaalKoot is a modern-day crime thriller with a historical twist. The book brings a forgotten Himalayan legend, a dark secret from the days of the freedom struggle and an international conspiracy together in a high-stakes environment where time is running out.  This book starts with Manohar Rai, who is trying to keep something a secret from the government. He gives this secret to a youngster in order to keep it safe. The British government is about to leave India. But they have plans to destroy India by finding Kaalkoot. Kaalkoot, the deadly poison that, according to Indian mythology Lord Shiva gulps and keeps it in his throat to save the world and so deadly is this poison that it turns his throat blue – gets a modern context when a soldier gets killed by British soldiers in the not so distant past. The Britishers then make a team called ‘Imperial Guard’ to find that poison. This leads to a team of people who are trying to protect the secret and save India from the doom. Only three people have a clue about the horrors that are about the unfold. The only hope for survival lies buried deep in the remotest corner of Himalayas. But a terrible fate awaits those who seek it. Is it already too late? Is KaalKoot – the primordial plague – unstoppable?


A fatal poison that was mentioned in India Mythology plays an important role in India’s Freedom Struggle. The same becomes a part of a gruesome plot to decimate human beings. From the start to end it keeps you engaged. The book does start a little slow, but the way it packs up is brilliant. It is pulled together in a wonderful manner.  Author has tried to connect the mythology with the current affairs and created an entertaining plot with many subplots. The book’s pace quite fast and each instance happens immediately after the other that the readers get to hang on to their book till it is finished. The darkness or the negative events such as kidnapping, murder, fights that may be compared to poison is portrayed very vividly and in a fascinating manner. White the writing style of the author is very different from what i have read earlier yet his narration keeps you at the edge of your chair till the last page.  The characters were multi dimensional, it was fulfilling to see them evolve throughout the book. Overall, if you are looking for a nail biting suspense with action, you will be excited to get hold of this book. 


Narration:- 4/5
Characters:- 3.5/5
Entertainment:- 4.5/5

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