When Chachi Ji caught them at night

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It was the third visit of Chachi Ji to the washroom that night. Thai red curry definitely didn’t go well with the Indian digestive system she possessed. The cramps in her stomach were out load and the sleep was nowhere near. The third round somehow made her feel a little better and she thought of lying down on the sofa instead of heading back to her room (you never know when there comes a need for round four). Rahul and Nandini’s wedding functions made her eat a lot of junk which she usually avoided, given her age old digestion problem. But Indian weddings are all about food, aren’t they? Of cause followed by zillions of ceremonies and rituals. How could she have resisted herself? The wedding ceremony and other rituals in the Sharma house wrapped up at around 4 and the family finally managed to catch on with some sleep.

“Shh…! Don’t make that much of a noise. You’re sure to wake someone up.” Chachi Ji heard Rahul saying it to Nandini. The door of their room was not properly shut and even their whisperings could be heard in the dead silence of the lobby. “But Rahul, what are you doing? Don’t you know how to open up the packet? You’re surely going to spoil the sheet” said Nandini. While the couple was unaware of their audience, Chachi Ji’s face turned red in shame. While the old-school etiquettes of Chachi Ji wanted her to turn a deaf ear and rush back to her room, she somewhere also wanted to stay back and gather as much masala (spicy gossip) as possible to bitch about the couple tomorrow with Mrs. Madhur and Mrs. Bhalla. Resuming her act of listening through the doors, she kept moving closer to the room from one sofa to another to another, just to listen to their conversations more clearly. “Did you check for the door lock?” said Rahul while Nandini very casually brushed the suggestion away saying “It isn’t necessary. Let’s just finish it off and go off to sleep then.” Chachi Ji couldn’t take it anymore. Love marriages are sure to get this besharmi (shamelessness) to the house, she thought.  Her mind was running from one pole to another and each of the though was making her even more uncomfortable. She have had it enough and decided to walk away when, just in that movement, Nandini and Rahul came out of their room in a messed up state which created an awkwardness in the room.

Holding on to the plate with numerous of chicken wing bones in one hand and an empty Coke bottle in the other, Rahul almost froze finding Chachi Ji in front of him. Nandini too dropped the schezwan sauce on her pajamas in nervousness, while Chachi Ji felt the need of rushing to the restroom again, looking at the half eaten steak on the plate in Nandini’s hand.