Does Looks Matter after a few years in marriage?

An ill-fitting pajama and a comfort-fit t-shirt became my besties in the scorching heat of June. Delhi felt never this worm, the way it felt now. This was my 1st summers post marriage and our house was actually a single story farm house which isn’t surrounded by any other building. This actually meant that our house felt super cold during winters and as hot as a tandoor during the summers. Being in the 7th month of our marriage, I didn’t really feel the need of dressing up as a newlywed. It was often that I witnessed my MIL (Mother-in Law) combing her hair and wearing a hint of lipstick before my FIL arrived in the evening. She didn’t really do much yet appeared fresh. I never thought that this was important for I felt like being myself and even wearing a little lipstick felt too sticky in that weather. It has been after 7 years for my marriage that I have learnt a thing; it’s important to look good.

OK, before any one of you come to contradict my statement, let me clear that this is what I feel is important. A few years or even months of togetherness often brings a kind of comfort among the couple and hence we stop dressing up the way we use to during our courtship or initial days of marriage. So, here are a few things you should know before you step into that phase.

Look Good for Yourself

Before you think that I’m asking you to get all dolled-up for your partner, it’s first important to look good for yourself. It’s never about expensive clothes or layers of make-up, it’s always about looking presentable. Although I do agree that being at home means being most comfortable but it surely doesn’t mean ignoring yourself. Get into comfort dressing but not lazy dressing. Wear a little Kajal and some lipstick/ lip gloss and trust me this will change the way to look at yourself. You’ll end up being more energetic, positive and productive.

Keep the Freshness Alive

Neatly done hair and a fresh look on the face is liked by everyone. It’s not about dressing up like for Christmas but dressing up to be presentable. With a little experience of marriage that I have, I can very well vouch for the fact that every husband likes to be welcomed with a smile and a good look. So be it be you or your child, just try to look and smell fresh. In fact let the house smell fresh as well. Lite a candle or an incense stick to get rid of all the odd smells like of food and let the house smell fresh as well.

Keep the Spark Alive

Few years down the marriage, with the will of getting dolled up, we often tend to lose the will of impressing each other. Now before you think that it isn’t important, let me tell you “It Is”. Believe it or not but if you dress up to impress your partner, the spark in your relationship remains forever. Let your hair loose if your husband likes, wear the shirt that your wife got for you, complement each other and trust me this will change a lot in your relationship.

Life is definitely not a bed of roses and neither will it ever be, but it’s we as an individual and as a couple who has to make sure that it smells like roses. We usually dress to our comfort, start dressing up to impress and yet be comfortable and this will change a lot in you and your life. Each day is a new opportunity to look beautiful and make the day beautiful as well. Now it’s you who has to work on it.