Going Beyond Physical Wellness:- Occupational Wellness

Since this February is all about Beauty, fashion and wellness on my blog, let’s focus on Wellness today. But before you start reading let me tell you, it’s a long one. Read at your own risk.

Wellness. Whenever we hear of this word, the only thing that struck our mind is our physical wellness. Now that people are talking much about it, there are a few who will also consider mental wellness important. But how important do you feel is OCCUPATIONAL WELLNESS?

Before this, how many of us actually are aware of Occupational Wellness and what is it about? In simple terms finding passion in your work or doing a work that brings you a sense of joy, satisfaction and accomplishment is what we are talking about here. Now before I start, let’s explore our lives and careers and see how many of us are actually enjoying our work or have opted for a profession without keeping money in mind. I’m quite sure there’ll only be a handful here; and that includes me too. I was from a commerce background and entered into fashion industry just because someone (kind of) influence me to do so. Wasting a year of graduation I realized that this industry was never meant for me and hence I started pursuing my B.Com from Delhi University through a correspondence course. I then moved on to doing my MBA in marketing and HR and landed up with a job in a credit rating agency (Yeah…! that me. Always confused). After a year of rating companies I finally found what I actually like doing; business and writing and this is exactly what I’m doing today.

We as humans spend almost 1/3rd of our life at work (in most of the cases), therefore it is utmost important to choose a career you’re passionate about. But before you jump to choose a career path, it’s important to explore all that’ll go in choosing it. Going a complete homework and research on what it takes to be successful in the field is extremely important. Also, equally important is exploring the work and life balance required in the field. So whether you’re an employee or employer or a freelancer, keeping occupational wellness at the forefront of your mind will prove an asset for your professional life.

So how do we really improve our occupational wellness?

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Ricky often tells me that I kind-off put in more efforts for my blog than for the work he delegates me. While I do not agree with him completely, I do agree on the point that a person always puts in more efforts for the work he loves to do. So before opting for a career, see if you really love it and will love it all your life. A career should not be chosen with your current craze of something. Your work should have the ability to be loved by you forever and at no point it time should it starts to bore you. I do not here mean that if you love your work you won’t need a change at all. You surely would. But if a little break brings you back the work zing you earlier had, you definitely love your work.

Organize Your Work and Work Place

For an organized mind, you surely need an organized working space. A cozy corner or a giant office, a beautiful museum or a stunning gallery; whatever your work space be, organizing it will make it super easy for you to keep a track of everything. Manage your work with a planner and a “to-do list” for the week and you will never go wrong. A big pile of clutter at your work station is sure to make you feel anxious and frustrated. De-clutter your work space and organize it and your work to have it run smoothly.

Take a Break

Ok..! Now this is a fun part. As much as I love writing, I do need a break. No matter how much you adore your profession, there comes a time where you feel a little low on motivation to work further (it certainly happens with me). Treat it as an indication that you need a break from your work to recompose yourself, your ideas and your will go forward. Use this time to relax your mind by not thinking of any work and get back to work with a fresh mind and fresh will to achieve your goals.

Set Mini-Goals

I am a believer of setting mini-goals for myself. There might be people who would not agree with this idea of mine but it certainly works for me. I always set mini goals for my work and achieving those gives me a sense of accomplishment. I once read it during my MBA days that every achieving brings with it a boost to do more and hence these mini-goals makes me feel exactly that.

Make a Realistic Wish List

Disclaimer: – This is straight from heart so adopt it only if you want to. : P
Everyone has a wish list and we work our heart out to achieve that. I do not say that impossible is a thing but I always like to plan things according to my situation and not as per others. No one can understand my world better than me and hence I like to make my wish list keeping that in mind. I do not here mean that I stop my growth, I just choose my own (realistic) path.

Build Strong Work-Life Balance

No matter how much you are engrossed in your work, your personal life too needs your attention and ignoring it can tamper your occupational wellbeing. A healthy balance between your professional and personal life helps you have a calm mind, making you more productive than otherwise. Returning home to a healthy and happy atmosphere give you a sense of freshness and revives your mind for the next day.

Find Friends at Work

For me, this is the most important effective way to help you improve your occupational wellness. I still remember my first job where I had tons of friends and going to the office felt like going to the collage. Having friends at work helps you discuss your problem and grab suggestions. Competition does exist amongst the colleagues but being friends’ help you have a lively atmosphere at work and also boost you to work hard.