DIY Hair Color at Home

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I aren’t a beauty expert and honestly, I do not think that anyone can actually be an expert in this field for beauty has different meanings and parameters. However all I can and want to talk about is what works the best for me.

While we all love styling our hair, the fact that they get damaged a lot in this process cannot really be denied. I have always had really good length and thinness of my hair but I have done every bit that I could to damage them. From cutting my waist length hair to shoulder length; from smoothening till coloring, I have done it all in the name of styling. #CurrentSituation, a few streets of my hair have lost their artificial color and now only the bleached hair are what I carry. To get rid of it without damaging my hair, I color them every weekend. Yes, you read it right; EVERY WEEKEND. But with a Trending Twist.

 So here are 3 ways in which I color my hair at home without the use of any artificial or chemical hair colors available in the market. These only last for a few washes but end up only benefiting my hair and nothing else. So come have a look with me on my hair coloring journey.

Let’s get them Going Black…

Ok..!! So this is my favorite hair color and I do it almost every weekend. If you have a hair length like mine (About till my waist), take a handful of dried black Amla (Gooseberry) and a handful of (Soapnut) in an iron pan. Add around 2 glasses of water to it and let it rest for a day.

Water, after a day, will turn black and that exactly is your hair color. Drain this water in a container and dip your hair in it. Keep the hair soaked in this water for about 10-15 minutes and then apply an egg on the hair. Wash the hair well with a mild shampoo and conditioner and you’re all set. You may skip the step of applying egg but its application will help your color last a little longer (and also smoothen your hair). Dipping in this water will add a little color your bleached hair and make them look fresh. However this will not completely color your hair like the other hair colors present in the market but will definitely a regular use of it will improve your hair color from bleached to black while adding tons and tons of benefits to your hair. Amla not just strengthen the scalp and hair but also reduces premature pigment loss from hair or even greying.

Imp: – Gooseberries have a tendency of drying out the hair. So it is extremely important to oil your hair regularly if you are using this mask on your hair. You should also use a hair mask regularly (weekly) to avoid fizzy hair.

Let’s Rock the Red Locks…

Who doesn’t like red hair locks but personally I do not like to carry red streak on my head every day. So whenever I feel of getting into the red zone for my hair, this is what I do.

I simply take 2 beetroots (for the length of hair I have), 2 carrots & an egg and grind them well into a smooth paste. Applying that paste on my bleached hair for about 40 minutes gives such a beautiful red tone to my hair without damaging them at all. In fact application of this paste gives strength to the hair and zing to your look. Beetroot helps in reducing dandruff (if you have that problem) and brings shine to your hair. Rich in vitamin A and calcium, all beetroot can do is to provide ample of goodness to your hair.

Lady Brown…

So if you have brown hair, Amla (gooseberries) will not work for you. To add a little brown color to your bleached hair, your BFF is Coffee.

As per the length of your hair, dissolve coffee in water and make a thick paste. Apply the paste on your bleached hair and leave it for 40 minutes before rinsing them well. Wash the hair with a mild and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and you are good to go. Application of this paste once in 2 weeks will give you great results. Coffee can be of great help in reducing hair fall and restoring hair growth by strengthening the hair roots. But like I said earlier, it is very important to oil your hair regularly with the use of this paste.

While many people would love to opt for a cosmetic hair color, these above mentioned things works the best for me. A regular use of cosmetic hair color enhances the premature pigment loss from hair. While these methods of hair coloring are simply adding color to your hair through colors given to us by nature. However it is important to note that these mostly work on grey or bleached hair and honestly that’s what I intend to do for my hair.  


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Stay Trending..!