Sewing Machine that Made a Came Back

Home décor has kind of become my second love (first of course are momos…LOL). While I love adding new things to my house, I somehow do not want to let go the old one. House for me means a place that’s full of memories. Memories of your loved ones, of your childhood, of those scribbled walls thanks to your child. Nostalgia. This is the exact reason why I love adding my old, loved stuff to the décor to retain the connection with my loved ones. And also so because I feels that Indian homes should give a little reflection of India while getting designed a new one or getting renovated.
Traditional and contemporary things are making a huge comeback in the home décor segment. While designing an Indian or a desi home you can add some old stuff, which you might have wanted to sell off, to bring an all new depth to the home.

While decorating my mom’s place we added this old swing machine, which belong to my late grandmother, and added some other stuff around to balance out the theme. I always try to add a textured base before placing anything for display purpose. This adds a little definition to the place. I somehow also feels that there should be a blend of modern and classic pieces when planning to decor the house and I specially would say Indian homes. Unlike the houses abroad, Indian homes have more of wood work which is usually painted in teak wood or natural color. This is one of the most prominent reasons why I always want to add classic and timeless pieces from my ancestors to my home. I feel that a complete modern décor in a desi home does gel very well (especially for me). A touch of your culture should always be reflect in your home (that’s what I feel).   

While adding your old stuff for decoration is quite easy, what’s difficult is to maintain a balance. And the thumb rule for that is being minimal. Always make sure that only one master piece is displayed in an area. Never opt for adding too many stuff in a single room for that looks too cheesy and tampers the contemporary look of the room you were aiming for. To add texture and freshness to the look of the room, you may also add indoor plants to the décor. I personally feel that indoor plants can instantly lift up the entire room. Add a little lamp or even a candle to the place to brighten the area and you are kind off sorted.

These little techniques to add classic stuff or your ancestors to your home helped me a lot in my journey of decorating y little nest. Hope they help you in the same way too. Also if you feel that I have missed on anything or you wish to pour-in your suggestions, please add your comment below.



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