The Derma Co. 21 days Skin Treatment: – Review

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Like any other teenager, ache have been my partner during those days of hormonal changes. But the unfortunate reality is that these still haven’t left me alone. A little member or 2 of this community pays me a visit frequently and my “Atithi Kab Jaoge” (When will the guest leave) wait becomes unbearable.

I have a combination skin and my struggle with the reoccurring acne issue made it even worse as these aren’t very similar to what I was facing during my teenage days. After trying “n” number of skin treatments I finally thought of taking the 21 days challenge by The Derma Co. They basically provide a customized skin care regimen which is specially designed by the dermatologists to suit your skin type.

So how does it work?

Take a Skin Assessment Test

The experience is quite similar to visiting a doctor and getting the treatment customized as per your problem. I simply visited the site and took a quick and easy skin assessment test where I answered a few question related to my acne problem and uploaded a picture for better assessment.

I then was recommended a few products as per my skin issue and I bought the kit. The Kit arrived in just 2 days in a very carefully packed pouch which also was apt for travel purpose.

Although the price of the products varies as per the prescription, but it will cost you somewhere around 2100 for a 21 days regime.

Follow the Regime


Price: – ₹349/-

A clean face reduces the chances of bacteria penetration on the face which could be due to pollution, make-up residues and even clogged pores. The AHA-BHA Foaming Cleanser recommended to me is a paraben and SLS free formula that deeply cleanse my skin without making it feel super dry. Using it twice a day makes my skin feels super fresh and clean and hence helps the treatment to penetrate deep and work effectively.

It’s important to reduce the use to once a day if the skin feels dry and peeling occurs.

Skin Treatment for Day

Price:- ₹499/-

We have all used an alcohol based toner earlier but the one recommended to me was this AHA-BHA Active Acne Gel which worked in reducing my breakouts. I started using it once in 2 days by applying it evenly on the affected area and later switched to suing it daily. The best aspect of this product is that it feels super light on the skin

Night Skin Treatment

Price :- ₹299/-

For my night skin care treatment, I’ve received the Formula AC-1 Gel which is specially formulated to clear pores from congestion, fight blemishes, and brighten the skin tone. I had a major issue of blackheads, pimples and even whiteheads which can be the symptoms of Acne Vulgaris and this is another reason for which I’ve been recommended this treatment gel.

It is important to follow the prescription for dosage and application while using this gel.


Price:- ₹349/-

No matter what skin type you have; oily, dry, combination, sensitive or even acne prone; you can never skip a moisturizer. But when you have a problem skin, finding the right moisturizer is the most important step and also when you are treating it.

The moisturizer that has been prescribed to me is Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturizer. This product helps restore moisture to my skin without being too sticky or blocking the pores. It just adds the right amount of moisture that my skin needs. I usually apply it twice a day but add once more if needed.


Price:- ₹699/-

No matter what, this step of the skincare regime can never ever be missed. Protecting our skin is one of the most important step in the journey of skin treatment and more so if you step out and get exposed to sun. The Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel with SPF 60 is the best product for those looking for an oil-free matte finish sun protection, just like me. I apply it liberally on my face and neck around 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. It absorbs quickly and feels super light on the skin.

It is also important to know that application of the sunscreen should be the last things on your skincare regime.

My overall experience

I’ve completed my 21 days of treatment and my skin not just feels super healthy but also fresh. The response of this treatment for me has been super promising. The acne breakout on my face has reduced to half and I see a visible difference in the redness and breakouts on my skin.

A Few Points to remember:-

  • The results of the products vary from person to person and the use should immediately be stopped of you feel the problem is exaggerating.
  • Wear a sunscreen every day; even if you aren’t stepping out in sun.  
  • Patch test of every product is important.
  • Change your bed linens twice a week.

Hope this review and treatment helps you in the same way as it did to me.

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