Theme Reveal for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

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April usually was a month that was meant to welcome summers with open arms. Letting in the sunlight in and making the homes brighter; moving out for a casual lunch with friends before the scorching heat takes over; and so much more. But all such plans has gone tossed amidst the arrival of #coronavirus pandemics round the globe. The world has kind of lowered its speed and all we can do is to stay calm and stay indoors. Self-quarantine or lock down, whatever our situation may be, we all are hunting for options to keep ourselves entertained and engaged in this time. As for me, what’s keeping me absolutely busy and engaged is #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge. I took this challenge up with a fear of not completing it in time but this phase of complete lock-down in India has kind-off given me ample time to plan for this challenge.

So what is it all about?

This challenge is taken up by so many bloggers who come together on this platform and take it forward. In this challenge, we have to post one blog post daily on our blogs for the respective letters. Since Sunday will be an off day, there will 26 posts in all, according to each letter of the alphabets. There could be or couldn’t be a theme for the month, which totally depends on individuals. As for me, there surely will be a theme for you know I do pick a theme for the month and write about that.

Theme for the Month

All of us are house arrested in this lockdown phase ad talking nothing bur the virus. No wonder how important it is to be aware about the facts and details, I still somehow feel the need to break the monotony. So here I am with a theme which is absolutely not related to the virus; it’s DINING AND BAR. This month i.e. April’2020 is decided to all you need to know before you step out for a dinner date to hit the bar. This month has a lot in store for you. Starting from dinning etiquettes to bar recipes, this diary has a lot in store for you. Visit the blog to read a new post each day.

So, here I start my challenge from tomorrow and hope you all enjoy reading my blogs.



Until Tomorrow

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