5 Plants That Are Ideal For Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms are a tricky place to grow plants simply because this mostly has the lowest access to sunlight and is extremely humid in there. But what if opting for plants that absorbs the moisture from the bathroom and requires minimum sunlight? Your problem is near to get solved. There are many such plants are ideal to be place in the bathroom, specially the tropical plants that needs low light and a lot of warmth and moisture. And what could be a better place to keep them than your bathroom?

We are not going to make it too lengthy and only going to talk about 6 of such plants are easily available in India and aren’t heavy on your pocket. These plants are usually very hardy and fool proof but can get tampered at times. All you need to show is some love, patience & care and they’ll never disappoint you.

Snake Plant

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We all have these and if not they are readily available in any nearby nursery. One of the key character of snake plant that makes it a perfect choice for the bathroom is its adaptability. It has an extreme tolerance which makes it hard to kill. The plant not just filters toxins from air (which are too common in a bathroom) but also needs very little or (at time) no water whatsoever.

Boston Fern

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Boson Ferns grows naturally in the equivalent of a bathroom. They love low light and high humidity, the exact conditions of most bathrooms. That means you can easily grow a beautiful plant with very little maintenance. The natural humidity of daily showers does the trick of keeping it lush. All you need to do is to spray some water on its leaves to keep them looking fresh and avoid as much indirect light as possible.

Aloe Vera

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“The plant of Immortality” is what people address this plant as for it is difficult to kill this one. While the benefits of this plants are not unknown, what people do not know is that this “bundle of benefits” makes an ideal choice for placing it on the bathroom. Aloe Vera plants requires very less water and the humidity in your shower can meet most of its water needs.

Bamboo Plant

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Don’t we all have these little babies in our homes? But did you know that these bamboo plants are an ideal choice for your shower room. Bamboo plants need no soil and are simply popped into a container with water. You may also add some pebbles in the water if you wish to.  Place them on your basin top or near the mirror and they will never disappoint you. Remember to change the water weekly to let the plant be healthy and fresh.

Golden Pothos

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Golden Pothos is one of the most popular indoor plants in India. It comes in variety of leaf sizes, colors and variants. Pothos is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t require too much of watering and needs minimum direct sunlight. These look exceptionally beautiful in a hanging basket or when placed on a high self so that it gets room to spread. Please note that you may need to trim it regularly.