Basic Dining Etiquette We Tend to Miss

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We all know how to maintain our dining etiquette while being going out for a home dinner party at a friend’s place. We try the best to flaunt our knowledge of the use of cutlery and maybe our knowledge of wines at times. But there are a few basics that we tend to miss in this course. So here are a few dining etiquette that we have been skipping all our lives.

No Garnish Remains on the Glass When You Start Drinking

Most of the mocktails or cocktails served to you at a bar or a restaurant comes with fancy garnish on it. No matter how much you adore it, it is forbidden it let it stay on the glass once you start consuming your drink. The garnishes are of various sorts where it can be a lemon ring, a cocktail umbrella or a even a fruit-pick. Whatever it may be, you should simple let it off your glass and place it at the corner of your plate or on a tissue paper. If the garnish is edible (like a cherry or a melon dice), there is no problem in eating it.

Condiments on the Table Are Passed Together

Like any other game, the dining game also has a few rules. One of them is to pass the salt and pepper together. If a person sitting on the table asks just for the salt, pass both anyways. It is a basic dining rule that is followed by people around the globe. So remember to keep this in mind when you step out for a formal (and even an informal) dinner party or date.

Dinner Napkin Is Never Fully Open

Most of us in India tend to open the dinner napkin fully and place it on our lap before commencing our meal while this is an absolute wrong way to go. Always fold your dinner napkin into half and place it on your lap, where the open ends are facing inwards. It is always advised to use the inner side of the napkin to dab your face (and not wipe it) while eating. This is the exact reason why the napkin is folded into half so that the outer side of the napkin always appear clean. Once done with your food, place the napkin neatly on the left side of your plate; and do not fold it.

Personal Belongings Are Never On the Table

No matter how formal or informal your dinner date is, your personal belongings are never to be kept on the table, not even for a minute. Keep your phone, keys and other belongings in your bag and not on the dinner table. It is considered to be extremely rude if done so. When attending a formal dinner, make sure your elbow never rests on the table, while in case of an informal dinner, doing so can be considered fine.

Keep Sitting Till the Last Person’s done

This is the most important point to note, especially for us Indians. And more so when we are the host and dining with our guest. We often are in a rush to gobble our food and get the deserts ready for presentation and serving. Amidst that, we (most of the times) finish our food quickly and leave the table. This is an extreme NO-NO and is considered rude and disrespectful. Wait for the last person to finish is/her food before your make yourself ready to leave the table. And this goes for all the diners and not just the host.

Follow the Left to Right Rule

There is a set pattern on the dining table that needs to be followed when doing our for a dinner party. And the pattern is to follow the left to right rule. Whenever you wish to pass a dish or another stuff on the table, make sure to pass it from left to right. In case someone asks you specifically to pass on a dish or salt you may then do so but otherwise always follow this circle.

Bring food towards you and not the other way

Food is meant to be brought to your mouth and this is the exact use of a spoon or folk. Never lean over the table to eat, especially while having soup. Make sure you sit straight and bring the food towards you. Leaning over seems extremely amateur.