Commandments Of Hosting A Dinner Party

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There is nothing more fun that a dinner party with friends and family. And more so when you are the host. It takes days in planning a perfect house party and in India, we love to go a step further in making the evening a perfect one. I have hosted n number of parties till now and (honesty) have made equal number of blunders. From all those goof-ups, this is what I have learnt to have a picture perfect house party.

Have a Manageable Guest List

This is a mistake that most of us, especially in India, make. Our guest list is endless and the numbers keeps on fluctuation till the very last moment. This mostly make makes it difficult for the host ton arrange the stuff accordingly. It is, hence, better to keep the guest list short for you to manage things easily. Everyone who comes to your place for the party needs your attention and space. Always make a list keeping in mind the size of our home or the place the party is being hosted, your management skills and also remember to invite likeminded people to avoid any kinds of quarrels or arguments. 

Send Personalized Invites

Personalized invites are liked by everyone. For a guest it’s your extra effort to make him feel special and for a host it’s the best way to have confirmations from everyone for their arrival. Whenever sending an invite, remember to send it at least a week before so that your guest have time to schedule their plan and give you a confirmation for their presence.

Pre-Plan the Menu Keeping the Guests in Mind

No matter how much you like a particular dish or cuisine, it is your utmost duty to know the likings of your guests before planning a menu for the event. In case you aren’t able to figure out a cuisine that’s liked by all, try to add options (of a few cuisines) in your menu so have something to offer to each one present. If that too seems difficult, try to plan a menu that’s commonly liked in your group. For instance Indian cuisine for a party in India is a “no risk menu” that can be opted for.

Do Not Overlook the Ambiance

No matter how busy you have been with other preparations, always keep in mind, ambience of the place is the first thing a guest looks at. If hosting a dinner party at a restaurant, remember to pick a place that isn’t difficult for your guest to reach. Try opting for a cozy-comfortable place with ambience that’s appealing to all. If hosting a house party, your home should be as prepared as you yourself. Keep each corner of the house ready for a surprise visit. From bathrooms to toy rooms, from dining area to kitchen, each place should look, feel and smell good.

Never Look Tired

Hosting a party is difficult and we all understand that. But it is absolutely forbidden for a host to mentioned how tired he/she is, especially to the guests. Always welcome and bid adieu to your guest with the same enthusiasm and smile. No matter how tired you may be, never let it show on your face.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, keep the drinks flowing throughout the party. Always keep ample of stock for the drinks and try to have options for your guests. If serving wine, try to keep them cool for adding ice to them isn’t an options. When offering a juice to the kids, keep both cool and room-temperature options available; for there might be parents who do not allow the kids to have cold drinks.

Do Not Hesitate to Take Help

Never say no to help and especially when hosting a house party. If you do not have a full time house help at your place, hire someone for the day. Managing everything all by yourself can be difficult at times. You need to look after all the arrangements and also attend the guests at the same time. This might not be easy to manage and hence hire help to look after your kitchen and serving duties so that you get ample of time with your guests.