Endless Spring Breeze:- Mocktail

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Summers are round the corner and nothing beats your heat strokes than a cool and refreshing drink. You most trusted partners in this fight against heat are fruits. So here is a simple, easy and quick cooler recipe that can be made at home with simple ingredients and yummiest taste.


Kiwi Fruit :- 2 Pcs.
Frozen Orange Juice (Fresh or Canned) :- 50 ml
Granulated Sugar :- 1 tsp
Lime & Lemon Carbonate Beverage :- 1 can


  1. Take 1 kiwi fruit, peal it and dice it in small pieces.
  2. Add the kiwi in a muddling glass, add 1 tsp granulated sugar and muddle it well.
  3. Pour the kiwi mixture in the serving glass. If you do not like the fruit chunks in your drink, you may stain it while pouring.
  4. Add the frozen orange juice in the glass. You may use non-frozen juice as well if you do not like the frozen one.
  5. Top up the glass with your favorite lime and lemon carbonate beverage. I have used sprite here.
  6. Garnish it with a kiwi ring or an orange ribbon, whatever you prefer.