Fight That Doesn’t Require Religion:- Pledge it on World Health Day

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World Health Day. Ironic, isn’t it? A day that is meant for global health awareness, has fallen amidst the unhealthiest time of the world. It’s a time we never had seen before; it’s a time we never thought we ever would. Cororna virus has brought the world to a still and scare. We turn on the television, especially news, every morning with shaking hands to see the terrible rise in the number of infected people around the world. It’s is shocking to see some of the most powerful and developed nations, crying their bit out for survival against the virus. Not sure when and how this situation end, but maybe the world will now address the times as BV and AV i.e. Before Virus and After Virus. While a lot would, and to an extent have, changed in our lives, one thing that still is the same is our hate for others. Yes, you read it right. HATE.

I really do not know how the virus spread and neither am I an expert to comment on this. The only thing that I feel worst about is the fact that in times of a global pandemics, there still are a group of people who are working against the situation. Is there anything that we humans can do together? Because if this situation hasn’t been able to get us together, I guess, nothing in this world could. I still see people fighting over religion, caste and region. We have seen thousands of people succumbing to the virus; lakhs who are affected; and don’t know how many more to add. The situation we are into needs positivity, light and some life. Amidst that when a leader of the country comes up and ask to light a few candles, what is the problem? I see twitter flooded with hate and disapproval. I see people asking the point behind it.

This virus or another illness is never partial; no discrimination. It doesn’t see rich or poor, male or female, Hindu or Muslim, Silk or Christen, American or Indian, B.J.P. or Congress. A situation where the entire world has join hands to fight against a common enemy, it becomes the prime duty of every individual to participate. And if that is too much to ask for, at least not aggravate the situation and conditions. This World Health Day, if you wish to bring a change to your life, let your heart and mind be amongst the first.

So do not let the BV (Before Virus) and AV (After Virus) situation be alike. If you do not want to do much, just please don’t do anything at all, at least on the negative grounds. Destruction outside will destroy you more from inside. All I would want to stay is


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Stay Home…Stay Safe… and Please Stay United