This Baisakhi…

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The festival of Spring Harvest ;
the festival that welcomes Sikh’s New Year .

When did we ever think,
it would pass in with this fear?

The joy has been replaced by scare, 
and all we can do is just prayer. 

Prayers for those who aren’t that secured. 
Prayers for those who are there to cure. 

Prayers for those who grow and harvest for us. 
And also for those who’s duty in this hour is must. 

Prayers for those doctors, who have fallen sick on duty,
A little for those vegetable vendors who kind-off feeds us daily. 

One prayer of the cleaners who are there on roads, 
So you & me stay safe indoors. 

One prayer for the milk vendor, who feeds thousands of kids, 
Also those who take care of people on street, without any bids. 

Prayers for those who aren’t taking it seriously, 
For may #god bless them with a bit of humanity.

This phase too shall pass, leaving behind a lot for us,
Something that we may regret
and a few we might cherish for our lives rest. 

So live this phase with folded hands,
for you never know when listening to you might be god’s next plan.