Unavoidable Wine Etiquette

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Wine is love for many of us. While most of us know the different brands and grades of wine, there are some of the basic wine etiquette that we tend to miss on. When you are in the comfort of your own house, gobbling the wine from the bottle or in your favorite mug isn’t a bad idea at all. But when it comes to formal or informal get together, following some of the basic wine etiquettes becomes almost a must. You might not be a pro at wine tasting, but you always can pretend (just like me). So here are a few basics that should still by you whenever you decide to wine yourself in public.

Tasting the Wine

Hold the Glass by Stem

I have done this always and now can only regret about it. A wine glass should always be held by the stem or the base of the glass and not by the bell. There could be a chance where you see your favorite actor holding a wine glass by the bell in a movie and you have all the right to get confused about it. But let me assure you, holding the glass by the stem is the right way out.

Smell It

Ok, before I begin, if you are a first timer, it won’t seem as a good idea to you, but with time you would realize that smelling a wine tells you a lot about it. Always smell the wine first, take a small sip and roll the wine in your mouth to experience its flavor to the fullest. This is the best way to enjoy your wine.

Clink with Care

When you decide to click your glass with others, make sure you do that with the bell of the glass and not the top. This avoids the chances of breakage and the embarrassment caused by it. Click the glass gently and look into the eyes of the other while doing so and not at the glass.

Drink From the Same Place

Lipstick strains and mouth marks on the glass are unsightly. Always make sure to drink from the same position of the glass as done before. This applies not just while drinking wine but also in all other cases where you aren’t using a straw to consume your drink.

Serving the Wine

Be a Silent Player

Always make sure to open the wine bottle silently. Be it be a cock top or a screw top bottle, open it in the most silent manner. It’s not a champagne and you need to keep that in mind. 

Pouring the Wine

Pouring wine at your house dinner party needs a few things to be noted. Whenever pouring wine for your guest remember to hold the glass from the bottom and not from the top. If you have your bar help/ bar tender doing so, wrap the bottle with a napkin and guide this the right way to pour.


When filling a wine glass, always keep in mind to not fill it completely. A wine glass should only be filled less than a glass. No matter how much you or your guest loves wine, there is always an option of refilling. But never overfill the glass. You need to swirl your wine before taking a sip and hence you need some room for your wine to breathe. Also make sure all the glasses are filled equally.


If you are getting up to refill your glass, make sure to offer the refilling to others before you pour it for yourself. Offer your guest first and help them pour another round drinks and then you should make yours and enjoy it with everyone.

Things to Keep in Mind

Serving Temperature

White wine is authentically served chilled while red wine is served at room temperature. You have to make sure to store the wines keeping that in mind before you wish to serve.

Chilling Hack

White wine is served chilled and hence you have to chill it before you plan to serve as you cannot put ice in the wine to chill it. However in case your wine isn’t chilled enough to serve, you can add a few frozen grapes to the glass. Frozen grapes will chill the wine instantly without making it watery.