Violation of Trust:- Cocktail

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Who doesn’t like a coffee liquor? And a combination of it with chocolate and vodka is sure to make you fly. I here have a very simple yet amazing martini for you that can also be enjoyed post dinner. Violation of Trust is an simple martini that can be made at home and enjoyed with friends and family. So pull out your bar tools and let’s get shaking.


  • Vodka: – 30 ml
  • Bailey’s:- 30 ml
  • Chocolate Liquor: – 30 ml
  • Ice
  • Chocolate syrup: – Garnish


  • Take some chocolate syrup in a plate and cover the rim of the glass with the syrup. You can also drizzle some syrup in the glass.
  • In a shaker, add vodka, Bailey’s and chocolate liquor to it. Add ice half a way to the glass and shake it well.
  • Pour it in the serving glass and serve chilled