Xreme Whistea:- Cocktail

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If you are the one, just like one of my friends, who loves whisky, you will instantly fall in love with this cocktail. I call it an xtreme one for for those who loves both tea and whisky. This cocktail can be served both during your lunch/brunch dates or at a dinner party. So cutting down on my description, let me straight away head to the preparations.


  • Whisky (of your choice):- 60 ml
  • Brewed Green Tea (Lemon & Mint Flavor) :- 60 ml
  • Club Soda Water
  • Ice:- Garnish
  • Mint Stems: A few for Garnish


  • Brew the green tea of your choice and cool it. I here have taken mint and lemon favored green tea but you can go for plane too.
  • Add 60 ml of whiskey and 60 ml of cooled brewed green tea in a highball grace. Add ice to cool it further.
  • Top up the glass with soda water.
  • Place 2 mint steams in the glass for garnish and you are ready to serve.