Your Must-Have Tea Etiquette

Have you heard people saying that you need to have a glass of water or a lemonade with honey first thing in the morning? I can’t really say about you, but this definitely doesn’t go well with me. Tea is the first thing I need in the morning. In fact this didn’t even change when I used to wake up at 5:00 am for my yoga class. Having said that, tea or coffee has a special place in the lives of most of us and so does that special coffee mug or tea cup we can’t do without. While I am a raw when it comes to enjoying my cup of tea at home, there are a few things I definitely keep in mind when stepping out for a tea party with friends or colleagues.

Tea Etiquette You Can’t Miss

High Tea and Afternoon Tea is Different

High Tea was traditionally served at high tables to the lower class at evening hours of 6:00 pm or 7:00pm. This was basically a substantial meal which consisted of dishes which were filling for this odd hour like meat, bread etc.
While evening tea, on the other hand, was traditionally served to the high class at low tables. This is basically served around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm where the meal quite light with a few sandwiches and sweets.
However now we have both high tea and afternoon parties without any traditional significance to the name; still, the next time you decide to host a tea party, keep the time and meal in mind before you decide to call it what.

Lift the Cup & Saucer Together

Always keep in mind to lift the cup & saucer together while having tea and seating more than a foor or so away from the table. In case you are near the table, you can pick only the cup and let the saucer rest on the table. However if you are holding both, hold the saucer in one hand and lift the cup from the other to drink. Remember to look into the cup while drinking and do not try to overlook.

Tea Spoon

Keep in mind to stir the tea gently with the spoon to mix the sugar to avoid spilling of the tea. Avoid clinking the sides of the cup while drinking and take out the spoon once you are done. Keep the spoon on the saucer and do not leave it in the cup while having tea.

Holding the Cup

The traditional way of holding a tea cup is with the thumb, index and the middle figure while the ring figure and the little finger is curved gently towards the wrist. It is advised not to not to hold the cup by inserting the index figure in the handle of the cup.

Eat With Fingers

Sandwiches and finger food should be eaten with hand. Use folk only if the dish requires to do so. Please do not try to eat the tea sandwich with folk for it is sure to land you in an awkward situation.  Follow basic dining etiquette while having your snacks.

Sipping the Tea

First thing first. Never blow into the tea to cool it down; consider it prohibited. You may wait for the tea to cool down a bit (as per your liking) and then take a sip. Always take small sips and do not glug you tea, no matter what.